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Cinnamon, Apricot Biscotti Recipe

I love Biscotti, but don’t make it very often, mainly because of the time it takes to make a batch.  My mom makes wonderful biscotti and using her recipe I added the apricots.  Stella loves them, they make a great … Continue reading

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Kids Can Cook – Banana Sunflower Cookies

Stella has been watching me cook and helping me for a long time.  This is Stella’s first, all her, baking debut!  Usually she will ask to make something and then half way through ask me to finish.  This one I … Continue reading

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How To Make Enzyme Cleaner

Having a green house cleaning business, I am always reading up on new cleaning products and recipes.  I kept coming across articles on how to make your own enzyme cleaner, but since it takes 3 months, yes that is 3 … Continue reading

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Chocolate Quinoa Bars

A neighbor purchased a big bag of quinoa – hoping to add it to her families diet, but it was not a hit and the bag was given to me.  I already had a lot of quinoa, since we use … Continue reading

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Kids Craft Corner – Repurpose A Plastic Container

The food we purchase comes in all types of containers – from plastic wrap, cardboard boxed and plastic containers.  I save many of the yogurt, hummus, bulk item containers and re-use them for storage, craft items, etc.  I thought why … Continue reading

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OK – Really – Last Parsnip Recipe (for this year!) – Roasted Parsnip Soup

When this soup recipe was forwarded to me from one of my aunts – I checked the ingredients list and having everything went about making it.  Note that I halved the recipe – not sure that Stella would eat it … Continue reading

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How To Make Quilted Pot Holders

Pot holders are one of those items that I never buy. I am not sure how I have the ones that I do, maybe they were gifts, but I have had the ones that I have it seems forever.  Whenever … Continue reading

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Have Books – Need Shelves!

We are avid readers in our household and have a book in our hands way more often than the TV is on or a movie watched.  As part of Stella’s homework each evening she is to read for at least … Continue reading

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Surprise Felted Eggs

I could not help myself at trying my hand at these fun felted eggs! No felting needle needed, these are wet felted. I again have to thank the folks at .  They have a great newsletter and wonderful tutorials, along … Continue reading

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Kids Craft Corner – Blowing and Decorating Eggs

I have never been one that enjoys dying Easter eggs – you spend all that time making your eggs pretty and then they are gone!  We decided this year we would blow eggs and then decorate them, so that we … Continue reading

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