How To Make Enzyme Cleaner

Having a green house cleaning business, I am always reading up on new cleaning products and recipes.  I kept coming across articles on how to make your own enzyme cleaner, but since it takes 3 months, yes that is 3 months for it to ferment I have never tried making it. Why now?  Because I have to know if it really works as well as I have read about.  The hardest part was finding a plastic container to use – but I just finished a bottle of vinegar – so I decided now was the time.  I will take pictures along the way and report back on it in 3 months time – can’t wait.  Ok – I have to confess that I went dumpster diving yesterday morning as I walked the dog.  It was recycling day – so I came across a juice container that was perfect, brought it home washed it and wah-lah!

Enzyme Cleaner


2 1/2 cups citrus fruit peels, some fruit is fine (I used all organic)
7 Tbl brown sugar (I used organic)
4 cups water

1. Clean a large plastic container (at least 2 liters).  I think a fruit juice bottle would work best since the top screws on and you can determine how tight it is.

2. Cut up the fruit peels small enough to fit through the opening, some fruit is ok.

3. Add the brown sugar and water.

4. Put the top on and shake the contents until the sugar dissolves.

5. Mark the date you started it on the bottle.

Store in a cool, dark area.

For the first month you will need to give it a shake every day, so store in a cool, dark place where you will see it – the pantry is a good place or a cabinet you go into daily. Gas will build up, so leave the top partially on – you do not want it to explode.  After shaking open the top and let the gas out.  If you start to see a white or black film, just give it a shake – that is the natural yeast growing.  After the first month, give it a shake every so often and check for gas build up.  When the 3 months is up – strain through cheese cloth into a spray bottle.

You will want to use this diluted, but you can use this pretty much, from what I read, for all your cleaning needs: glass, tile, kitchen counters, laundry, cleaning up urine.  Don’t worry I will try it on everything and see how it works compared to what I use already.  Will report back in 3 months with another post!

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  1. Candace says:

    This is great! What fun… we all get to see how it works and you are doing all the work! My, my. : )

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