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Oatmeal Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting

As we get ready to say goodbye to the old year and hello to the New Year – many will be going to parties and family gatherings.  This is the perfect cake to bring along or to just make for … Continue reading

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Christmas Cookies: Ginger Snaps

I love ginger and I love molasses – so anything with the 2 of them in it – wonderful.  I have a Ginger Molasses cookie recipe that I make on a occasion, but I wanted to make a ginger cookie … Continue reading

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Christmas Cookies: Scottish Shortbread

Stella loves when we do the cut out sugar cookies with icing and decorating. Me, not so much – it is a lot of work.  Sugar cookies only happen every other year and this year was an off year.  Instead … Continue reading

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Christmas Cookies: Crispy Pecan Balls

It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I started liking pecan balls.  I was never a real fan of pecans – but these were nice bite size little treats.  This year I changed the recipe up a little … Continue reading

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Christmas Cookies: Chocolate Dipped Macaroons

We started a tradition a few years back of making many different cookies and giving them as gifts during the holidays.  Each year the only time I make my peanut butter bons bons is Christmas – so that is a … Continue reading

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Kids Crafting: Teacher Presents

Stella is really settling into her new home and one of the best things is that she has made a BFFE (best friend for eternity)!  I was worried that she would not make another BFFE here, but she did and … Continue reading

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Patterned Women’s Fingerless Gloves

Well it seems I am on a fingerless glove frenzy.  I just love them and they are so easy and fast to knit!  When the weather is cold, but not cold enough to bundle up these are great for taking … Continue reading

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Kale And Sweet Potato Soup

The forecast called for an ice storm this past Sunday and in the storm warning they said we could loose power.  Since we have an electric stove I made a pot of soup that I could heat up on the … Continue reading

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Kids Can Cook: Chocolate Chips Bars

Stella has asked me to start to teach her how to cook this winter. She bakes and she helps me cook and prepare meals – but I think she is a little afraid of the oven/stove.  I think this started … Continue reading

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Sweet Potato Oats and Chia Seeds Casserole

I made this recipe a couple of years ago, but this time I had chia seeds and wanted to make it again.  I omitted the coconut but think it is better with it.  I also would double the topping to … Continue reading

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