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Pickled Grapes?

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post – a friend needed to clean out her freezer of a past grape harvest – and we were looking for other things to do with the grapes besides juice and jam (those … Continue reading

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Brownies Made With Black Beans

I was sent this recipe from a friend and after the success and many asks for my chocolate cake made with garbanzo beans – figured I had to try this one.  Wasn’t quite sure how it would turn out – … Continue reading

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Reaping The Harvest, Mustardy Beet Salad

I love it when you go to someone’s house and they serve something you have never had before and it is wonderful.  Even better is when they are willing to share the recipe with you.  That is how I came … Continue reading

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Life On The Property

Life is not dull or boring when you are homesteading and trying to get as much done as possible before the cold weather sets in!  Most nights I am outside working until 8:30 or when it gets a little harder … Continue reading

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Honey-Spiced Peaches

Peaches, peaches everywhere.  I am peached out!  I sliced and froze them, baked with them and we ate them whole and in ice-cream – but there were still some left – what to do?  I didn’t want to make jam … Continue reading

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Kids Craft Corner – Cardboard Wallet

I walked into the kitchen to see Stella very focused  – she was writing on a piece of paper.  I took a closer look and she was designing and diagramming the steps to make a wallet out of cardboard and … Continue reading

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Crop Mob?

Living in a rural area – I have found that I have become more isolated.  This is not necessarily by choice, but because of distance to others and the amount of work it takes to keep up a house and … Continue reading

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Is It Hot Outside? Cool Off With Peach Ice Cream

At the end of last summer I purchased and ice cream maker, but we never used it!  I have always wanted one and after taking a class with Sally Fallon Morell – I really wanted to make ice cream from … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Hair Gel Using Flax Seeds

A couple of weeks ago, my co-worker and me were having a discussion on home product conditioners.  The conversation was around how to keep knots out of hair – I suggested using mayonnaise, olive oil or coconut oil.  My co-worker … Continue reading

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Blueberries Overflowing, Blueberry Buckle Time

Along with putting up peaches – I have about 34 pounds of blueberries to put up. I will mostly freeze the blueberries for use over the fall, winter and spring until next blueberry season.  We LOVE blueberries in our house … Continue reading

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