Surprise Felted Eggs

I could not help myself at trying my hand at these fun felted eggs! No felting needle needed, these are wet felted. I again have to thank the folks at .  They have a great newsletter and wonderful tutorials, along with the fabulous felts and felting supplies!!  Stella wants me to try my hand at the felted chick that was in another one of their tutorials – maybe next Easter.  After Stella saws these – she wanted me to make enough for the Easter bunny to use for the egg hunt he does every Easter at our house!!  That is not happening.

Surprise Felted Eggs (

Items needed

Plastic egg
Felt roving (2 colors)
Pantyhose (knee high)
Embroidery thread
Thread and/or wool roving for decorating the egg

1. For the inside, with a thin layer of wool roving, tightly wrap around the middle of the plastic egg and the from top to bottom. Make sure the whole egg is covered.

2. With another color of wool roving, tightly wrap a layer of wool around the middle and then from top to bottom.  Make sure there is no first layer color showing.

3.Place your hand inside the pantyhose and grab the egg, firmly – pull the stocking over the egg.



4. Fill a bowl or sink with hot water (as hot as you can stand) and soap.  The water should feel soapy.  Submerge the egg and squeeze the water through – making sure it is wet all the way through.  Squeeze and roll the egg in your hand – not too hard, you don’t want the plastic egg to open.  When the fibers start poking through the pantyhose – carefully peel the pantyhose off the egg.

5. Continue squeezing and rubbing until the felt feels snug around the egg.  Do a cold/hot rinse making sure the soap is out of the felt.  Squeeze excess water out of egg.  Place egg on a towel and roll – get as much water out as possible.

6. With sharp scissors, cut around the egg around the middle, leaving 2″ for the “hinge”.  Take the plastic egg out.  Allow to dry overnight.









7. Using the blanket stitch, stitch around both edges.


8. Decorate the outside of the egg.  I used embroidery thread  to stitch stars.

Hide a little something inside – Surprise!

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5 Responses to Surprise Felted Eggs

  1. Wendy says:

    another something that Stella can bring out for Easters to come & remember her childhood in NY! They are so much fun & pretty.. More durable than the blown eggs! Happy Easter XOXO

    • simply0637 says:

      I was just thinking this morning that with all the holiday goodies we are making I am going to have to do the storage by holiday now – time to clean and organize the attic!! These eggs the kids can do, but Stella was too busy this weekend to help out – oh the schedule of an 8 year old!

  2. Candace says:

    The felted eggs are so pretty. They look like little gift boxes!! : )

  3. Jo says:

    You are really something. Really special keepsakes!

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