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Another Little One Another Quilt

Soon we will have another little one in the family and as is tradition on my part another quilt is being made.  I wanted to use the many scraps of fabric that I have in my fabric bins, but was … Continue reading

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Kids Craft Corner – Make A Paper Decoupage Christmas Tree

I love the fact that Stella likes to do crafts with me and that this year she has been busy making presents for her friends and relatives.  She truly is growing up and wanting to “give” to others and the … Continue reading

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Root Vegetable Season – Beet Soup

I remember the first time that I ate beets – it was at my grandmother’s house and I was in my 30’s.  Back then beets looked dirty and frankly, disgusting to me.  I had come to my grandmother’s for a … Continue reading

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I Love Ponchos

I knitted a poncho for myself last year and just love it!  I think the poncho is the best in-between season apparel.  This year for Christmas I decided to make a couple of girl ponchos – one for Stella (per … Continue reading

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The Holiday Season Has Started

I hope you all had a joyous Thanksgiving Day and weekend.  Some of my family came to the NYC area for the holiday and Stella and I went into the city for a couple of days.  The days were packed … Continue reading

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Kids Can Cook – Blonde Brownies

Stella’s friend Bella was over and as we were talking – I mentioned that I could really go for a good cookie.  Bella said I wish I had gone to my sister’s soccer tournament because they were having brownies.  So … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks

On this day of Thanksgiving – I give thanks for many things.  The past couple of years have not been easy ones and I have seen highs and lows and the lows have been very low.  The times have not … Continue reading

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Make A Pistachio Shell Egg

We continue to eat pistachio nuts at our house and to save the shells.   I have many baggies filled with pistachio shells and am always on the look-out for things to make with them.  There is a flower pin that … Continue reading

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CSA Over Abundance Soup

Guest Blogger: Gail Osterman When I picked up the last shipment of my CSA veggies for the year, I was overwhelmed with the bounty!  There were more vegetables there than I could possibly even use for Thanksgiving dinner.  I knew … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Pie with Crispy Almond Pie Crust

Thanksgiving is only days away and the baking for most has started.  I made the pumpkin pie and this time with a crispy almond pie crust.  Usually I take the short cut and uby a pre-made pie crust at Whole … Continue reading

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