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Sourdough Bread – Our New Favorite!

I was so excited to make sourdough bread from the starter I made, that my mouth was watering when the aroma was filling the house! This is another recipe from Sally Fallon Morell’s cookbook Nourishing Traditions.  I mis-read the recipe … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Softscrub Cleaner

For the most part I make all my cleaning products, but I have to admit that I use Bar Keeper for cleaning the bathroom, toilet, kitchen sink and wanted to try and get away from that and make a cleaner … Continue reading

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Sourdough Starter

With getting back to basics I am again making our bread. Our bread of choice when I am purchasing is sourdough – we love the airiness of the bread and the flavor.  I asked many people if they had a … Continue reading

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I Am Seeing Green Everywhere, That’s Green Beans!

Green beans have been in abundance lately.  The garden where I work has been turned into a CSA for the employees. Each week the Sanctuary Caretaker sends us out an email with what is available and make our selection.  Green … Continue reading

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Even More Tomatoes To Make Tomato Sauce

After putting up 37 jars of diced tomatoes we were on to tomato sauce.  We figured that we would do a small batch of sauce as an immediate go to – after all these tomatoes we figured we weren’t going … Continue reading

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Tomatoes, Tomatoes Everywhere – Canning Diced Tomatoes

My cousin and I decided to can tomatoes together this year – thought it would be better than doing my our lonesome.  We decided on 3 flats – the kids could play and we could can and it would not … Continue reading

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Kids Craft Corner – Recycled Pencil Holder

It was so nice to get back to crafting with Stella and doing a kids craft corner evening.  If your kids are like Stella then their room, desk, craft area is overflowing with pencils, pens, markers, crayons…  We are always … Continue reading

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A New Knitted Washcloth Pattern

I love knitting my other washcloth pattern, but when I saw this I decided I needed some washcloth variety!  I love this pattern and the illusion it gives of the different squares.  This is a fast and easy pattern and … Continue reading

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Girls, Giggles, A Sleepover and Pancakes!

Stella had her first “official” sleepover this past weekend.  She has had her best friend from NY and her cousins, but this was a sleepover with new friends made in her new home.  In NY our house seemed to always … Continue reading

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Knit A Swirl Hat

I finally did it!  I have started my Christmas present making in September – yeah!  I always say I am going to start earlier and then the next thing I know it is the end of October and then I … Continue reading

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