Kids Craft Corner – Repurpose A Plastic Container

The food we purchase comes in all types of containers – from plastic wrap, cardboard boxed and plastic containers.  I save many of the yogurt, hummus, bulk item containers and re-use them for storage, craft items, etc.  I thought why not re-purpose them into containers that can be given as gifts, hold change, hair accessories, littlest pet shops (if you have a daughter or granddaughter you may know what these are).  I had thought about using paper mache to cover the containers at first, but then decided on the decoupage glue we had in the crafts cabinet – not as messy or as much prep.

Repurposed Plastic Containers

Items needed

Glue and water if doing paper mache
Decoupage glue
Plastic containers – any size or shape. washed and dried
Scrap material, tissue paper, magazine pages, craft design paper
Paint brushes
Newspaper (for paper mache and for protecting your work area)
Dish for glue

1. Cover you work area and place your materials in the middle.

2. Decide what material (s) you are going to use and prepare your materials, cut you fabric, paper or tear tissue paper.

3. Since we used decoupage glue – using your paint brush paint the back of your material, place on the container and paint some glue on top.





4. Repeat step 3 until your container is covered – you may need to allow layers to dry before proceeding.

5. Remember to stop, have fun and act silly!

If using paper mache – cover the bowl first and then follow with decorative items (old sheet music, tin foil, old stamps, etc – you will need to use straight glue to affix these items).  Allow to dry and then do one coat of white tissue paper.

I used decorated craft paper and covered the outside and inside of my container.  Stella used scrap material she cut into shapes and decided it would be cool to just cover the outside.  We have not decided what treasure will find their home in our new repurposed plastic containers.

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5 Responses to Kids Craft Corner – Repurpose A Plastic Container

  1. Candace says:

    You did a great job writing this blog!! What a GREAT idea for containers. I am going to share this project with staff and clients!! Containers are very cool…. with punched holes in the bottom and using the top as a saucer, these might make lovely plant containers. : )

    • simply0637 says:

      YES! I was looking at the tops wondering what I could do with them – perfect – beautiful kitchen window herb garden containers! Thank you.

  2. Judy says:

    Very neat idea and an inexpensive way to teach kids creativity. I like Candace’s idea of making little planters. Wouldn’t they make wonderful little starter containers to start your garden plants! Perhaps you could consider growing little pots of grass and let the kids take their pot of grass to a local farm or petting area and let the animals and spring babies taste fresh grass right out of their container. Note: Grass must not be lawn variety or Kentucky 31 pasture grass as it produces microbes called fungal endophytes…harmful to grazing animals. So look for a friendly endophyte variety like Kentucky 32. You may be able to buy a little handful from a Farm supply store who sells grass by the pound. Southern States & Tractor Supply are in many states.

  3. jo says:

    very creative…..great little containers for desk drawers, paper clips, rubber bands, coins, pins, tacks, etc.etc.etc.

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