Make A Pistachio Shell Egg

We continue to eat pistachio nuts at our house and to save the shells.   I have many baggies filled with pistachio shells and am always on the look-out for things to make with them.  There is a flower pin that I have been wanting to make – but as of yet have not made that one.  I am always doing research, looking through books and stores for craft ideas for myself and the kids craft corner.  I came across a picture of an egg made from pistachio shells.  There were no step by step directions just said that the base was a styrofoam egg.  I was hoping to find another base, but was not successful.

Before we begin on the How To – I must say it took me three tries before I got a good pattern and layering going.  It was a little frustrating and after two tries, I had to step away and come back later – the next day I went back to it and it all clicked together.  I love it!

Pistachio Shell Egg

Items Needed

Pistachio shells
Styrofoam egg
Glue gun
Glue sticks


1. Pour the shells into a bowl and make sure they are clean and have no skins inside the shell.

2. Starting at the narrow part of the styrofoam egg – layer the shells in a circular fashion.  I would put a line of glue around the egg and then lay the shells.

3. Repeat step 2 until you have almost covered the whole egg.

4. Cut a piece of ribbon – about 5″ – 6″ long – and glue to the top of the egg.

5. Layer shells around the top and the ribbon – making sure that no styrofoam is showing.

Hang somewhere that will have many eyes on it – people will ask about it!!

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One Response to Make A Pistachio Shell Egg

  1. Candace Coffin says:

    I think it’s pretty cool. I imagine you could spray paint the shells. I’m also thinking that you could use the shells to cover a small cardboard box, etc. We used to cover cigar boxes with macaroni shells. : )

    Happy Thanksgiving… have fun with your mom et al.

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