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Make Non-Toxic Toothpaste

After making the tooth powder and using it for a couple of days – I decided to try and make toothpaste.  I have to say I thought making toothpaste would be a little more difficult than it was, but I … Continue reading

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Kids Craft Corner – Shaving Cream Marbleized Paper

This idea was given to me by a friend who just took an art class.  It looked fun and I thought the kids would have a blast doing it.  Camp is over and there is still several weeks left before … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Tooth Powder

As promised from yesterday, here is the tooth powder recipe. I want to give some information on the ingredients used: – Bentonite Clay: Is very rich in minerals and absorbs and eliminates toxins.  According to Natural News, if bentonite clay … Continue reading

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What Do You Brush Your Teeth With?

Would you brush your teeth with toxins, harmful chemicals, poison and/or petroleum products?  I am sure you said no, but in actuality you are and probably did not even know it!!  Take a moment and go look at your tube … Continue reading

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Nutrient Rich Zucchini Bread

I went to visit with a friend and she was watching her neighbors garden.  The conversation gravitated to the garden and I said it must be nice to have access to a garden, she said she was not really sure … Continue reading

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Nutrient Rich, Nutrient Dense, Super Food – What?????

What does nutrient rich/dense mean?  What is a super food?  Nutrient rich/dense and super food are terms that are becoming more and more widely used – but what do they really mean and what foods are included. Superfoods are a … Continue reading

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Sprouted Hummus?

So taking the beans that you sprouted – here is a great recipe!  I was at my girlfriend’s house and she made a wonderful batch of hummus, which made me think – “why did I stop making our hummus?”.  The … Continue reading

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How To Sprout Beans

I have sprouted seeds  and lentils, but never the “true” beans (legumes).  Looking at a bean – they are so hard and, well, dull – void.  Really looking at it – I then realized how can one really expect to … Continue reading

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The Coldness of Gazpacho – Yum!

I have been wanting to make gazpacho for a while now and I went searching for a recipe but most of them included V-8 juice or Clamato juice.  Clamato juice has high fructose corn syrup and I definitely did not … Continue reading

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The Abundance Runneth Over – Zucchini Patties

When I posted about the fried zucchini I was given a new recipe for zucchini patties – which sounded fabulous!  Since I had all the ingredients in the house and need another recipe to use up the zucchini (more recipes … Continue reading

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