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Kids Can Cook – Blonde Brownies

Stella’s friend Bella was over and as we were talking – I mentioned that I could really go for a good cookie.  Bella said I wish I had gone to my sister’s soccer tournament because they were having brownies.  So … Continue reading

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Kids Can Cook – Making My Own Lunch

Hi my name is STELLA, but of course you know that, anyway let me cut to the chase. This is my first Blog in History and what do you know it’s about my Awesome lunch! I started making my lunch … Continue reading

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Need To Cool Off? Banana-Coconut Popsicles

It is great watching Stella grow up and become more and more independent, but at the same time it is a little sad – my little girl is growing up!  She is become very self sufficient in the kitchen – … Continue reading

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Kids Can Cook – Chocolate Mousse

Continuing on our quest for yummy raw food desserts – I came across this recipe at Garden of Life.  After seeing the ingredients – we had to try it and see if it really tasted like chocolate mousse – OMG … Continue reading

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The First Kids Can Cook Class

It has taken several months to get this put together, but last night we had our first Kids Can Cook class.  Four students showed up, which worked out well for the first class and getting our feet wet.  The class … Continue reading

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Kids Can Cook – Banana Sunflower Cookies

Stella has been watching me cook and helping me for a long time.  This is Stella’s first, all her, baking debut!  Usually she will ask to make something and then half way through ask me to finish.  This one I … Continue reading

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