Kids Can Cook – Making My Own Lunch

Hi my name is STELLA, but of course you know that, anyway let me cut to the chase. This is my first Blog in History and what do you know it’s about my Awesome lunch! I started making my lunch just last year and what do you know I LOVE making my lunch. When I was in 1st grade I tried the school lunches I HATED IT!


I put really rare items in my lunch like Ants on a log! To make ants on a log you must get celery, cream cheeses and raisins !Once you have completed that task you have to wash the celery then dry it. After that you must cut both sides of the celery off and then after that you must cut the celery in to 3 pieces . Then you spread the cream cheeses on the celery then you put the raisins on  the cream cheese.  And there you have it home made ants on a log.  The next rare item is a poison apple, no only kidding!  It is a delicious apple or other piece of fruit.






Another rare ingredient I sometimes put in my lunch is raw milk cheese or one of my mom’s yummy goodies.  I usually have Greek yogurt, I assume it comes from Greek.  Sometimes I put the night befores dinner in my lunch.

When I eat my lunch at school my friends say eeww, but when they try it they want me to bring it every day! In third grade these two girls Samantha and Sara Belle always wanted me to bring dried fruit that my mom made.  One day my mom asked where all the dry fruit was I said somewhere down the drain or in my stomach, I didn’t want to tell the truth but I had to.

I think that making my own lunch is more adultish it makes me feel grown up.  Making your own lunch you know where the food comes from.  When buying school lunch you don’t.


Heart Stella – your welcome for the tipful information.



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3 Responses to Kids Can Cook – Making My Own Lunch

  1. Candace Coffin says:

    Absolutely wonderful!! You have the beginnings of a fabulous kid’s blog or kid’s “book”… Congrats Stella!!

  2. Jo says:

    Stella, I loved your blog. What is poisin apple? You are the best…I am very impressed and, yes, it is pretty darn adultish! Love you…

  3. virginia says:

    Dear Stella- I really enjoyed the blog you wrote. I thought you did a great job describing your lunch. Maybe other kids will try to make their lunch because you did.

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