Life On The Property

Life is not dull or boring when you are homesteading and trying to get as much done as possible before the cold weather sets in!  Most nights I am outside working until 8:30 or when it gets a little harder to see what I am doing.  My routine is to come home from work, change into my work clothes and head outside for about an hour, then back in to make dinner and then after dinner back outside again.  Stella is a great helper and companion – reading to me or telling me her thoughts when she is done doing chores.  After the chores are done – many a night we will sit outside and admire the view, talk about the day or future events/projects and as of late – Stella runs around catching fire flies (she lets them go right away).

This past week was the first time that the whole yard had been mowed within days of each section – yeah!!!!  We have had a few days rain free!!!!!

Life tilledI finished the lavender bed.  First I hand tilled, let the grass die Life lavender bed preppedsome and then pulled all the grass up.  then it was in search of rocks – just a few more to go and I have all the borders completed.  I then planted some Lily of the Valley and lavender!! After planting I put down some thick paper – to block weeds – and then mulched. I can’t wait for next year when I can harvest the lavender and use it in projects, in vases and cooking.

Like plantedLife paperLife lavender done

I have also started clearing other garden beds that are on the property. Several are overgrown with weeds and the plants that were original to the beds.  Another is turning into quite a project – removing all the rocks that were dumped in and then taking up the plastic lining that is about 1/2″ under the rocks and dirt – this is the bed that will eventually be the herb garden (next year!).  One of the side beds I was able to get cleared and plant some pollinator friendly plants.

Life side bed beforeLife side beds

The dog was shaved and bathed, twice! The first bath was because he needed it, the second bath – well….  Sunday morning I got up and as usual put the tea water on and then let the dog out. The dog immediately started barking – so I stepped out the door and saw the dog and then a big black thing that was partially blocked by a tree – I thought bear!  I ran back into the house to get my glasses and shoes and went running out the door – not sure what I was going to do with a bear and dog encounter, but when I went around the corner – it wasn’t a bear…. it was 12 cows in my front yard eating my blueberry bushes!!!!  I shooed them away and they ran around the back of the house and started on the grapes!!  I was able to get them off my property – but they left their treasures and the dog of course had to roll in them – so the need for a second bath!

There was also a lot of canning going on this past weekend – so stayed tuned for those post.  Happy homesteading and living to all!

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5 Responses to Life On The Property

  1. Candace says:

    It brings a big grin to my face to read about all you are doing. Deja vu and “you go girl” are my thoughts!! What love that property is receiving!! : ) Most impressive.

  2. deborah says:

    Pamela, you are one busy girl but I know the rewards will be bountiful! I remember Stella rubbing the “Yavender” in her little hands on our walks in Steamboat and putting them up for me to smell, so I know she’ll love having those plants on the property; lets hope the smell is not overpowered by another visit from the cows!

  3. Jo says:

    You are a busy girl…, I got tired just reading all your activities. The lavendar garden looks so pretty and will be so nice to have right out your front door…xox

  4. Hannah Yates says:

    I think you’ve just re-inspired me!

  5. Oh Pamela, we so need to come visit and give you a break from the work for a couple days before complete mental break-down abounds. You really need to schedule at least a days rest here and there! Not that we need to remind you, but you are no longer the young chick-a-dee you used to be!

    It is, however, looking marvelous and your sense of accomplishment should be HUGE.

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