Life After Becoming A Blogger

My First Project, Found table that was refinished

Today is my 1 year anniversary – this blog was started on July 19, 2011.  Wow – the year has flown by, but also seems like it has been longer with all the changes, growth and learning!

I look at life a little differently now that I have become a blogger.  There are several really good things that have come out of taking this roll on, I now document pretty much everything I do and take a lot more pictures than I had been doing in the recent past.  It has made me re-evaluate my life, yet again, and really look at what is important to me and what I want in my life.  By doing more of the things I love, it has changed my life in a profound way – I look at things differently – could I blog about this?  Could I make something out of this?  How could I do this better or different?  I am taking the time to really enjoy each day, take pleasure in all the parts of my life and to let things roll off my shoulders – I look at things wondering do I really need to worry about this, will it make a difference if I say something, why am I getting upset about it.  I look at what I put into my body and Stella’s body even closer. I spend more time researching things that are of interest to me and learning about things that I did not know anything about or very little.  I am spending more time at the library – yeah, in my community, re-connecting with people, spending more valuable time with friends. And one of the best parts is that I am sharing with others and doing something that I am very passionate about!

First recipe, Peach, lavender pop overs

All of this has led me to expand even further and go back to school! I enrolled in the Health Coach program at the Institute of Integrated Nutrition.  This is a fast track program, so as of May 2013 I will be a certified Health Coach!  Yeah!  I have not quite figured out exactly what I want my practice to look like, but I do know that it will incorporate learning about healthy foods and how to prepare them to nourish the soul and the body.


The next year will again be one of learning, excitement and much growth.  Cheers and here is to the next year of blogging and sharing!

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3 Responses to Life After Becoming A Blogger

  1. Candace says:

    Congratulations!! What you are doing is amazing and wonderful. I have great admiration for it and you!! What a contribution to the world. : )

  2. Jo says:

    Good for you Pamela to know to follow your dreams. All about growing and maturing. Experiences do count a ton! I am here to support you (forever!) xoxo You go girl!
    I can practically taste that peach turnover

  3. wendy grudzien says:

    Wow, sounds so wholesome & positive…taking such control of your own life & noticing that you get to make choices every moment to be upset & angry about something or to look at everything as a learning & growth opportunity…And it seems that that is the way you are embracing your life now…How wonderful for you and for Stella to embark on life as an amazing adventure. You are awesome Pamela, it has been fun to get a daily glimpse of your life…there is a sweetness & playfulness that is coming across, thanks for that! xoxo

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