Filling the Time

We still do not have electricity, but I cannot really complain about our hardship when I see what the storm did to so many others.  Yes, we are inconvenienced, but at least we did not loose our possessions, home, car – it is heart breaking to read the stories and to see the pictures.

We really do count on electricity way more than I realized, so filling the day and evening

Washed Away

takes some thought.  This morning I really took a look at the garden – and we will not be having a fall garden – the rain washed away the soil and killed some plants and the wind took  a toll on other plants. I will try and do some seeds tomorrow, but the growing season is only about 60 days – so not a lot of time.  I will try again for spinach and kale – if it comes up I will cover and then have an early crop in the spring.  I will definitely do lettuce and arugula and I hoping that I will not forget this year to plant the garlic.  Each year I sprout the garlic and then the next thing that I know there is snow on the ground and I forgot to plant the garlic!

A little surprise under the leaves – a squash! And looking into the compost – surprised to see what is growing inside and out – more sweet potato plants.


We have gone to the park, taken the dog for many walks, gone to the library, read books, played and knitted.  I usually have several books sitting on my night stand – I like variety and something that fits my mood – knitting is pretty much the same.  I have 3 projects going: felted knitted bag, knitted faceless doll and a felted knitted water bottle holder.  I have never felted anything that I have knitted – so this is a first, but something that I have wanted to do for awhile.  The doll is a Christmas gift and depending how the felting goes so will the other 2 projects.

Felted Knitted Water Bottle Holder

Knitted Doll

Felted Knitted Bag






Last night was spent drinking wine by candlelight and catching up with girlfriends that live on the block.  None of us have lights – the next thing we knew it was after midnight!  For me it is hard to tell the time during the evening.  I have noticed that the stars are easier to see – no street lights or light pollution – so good things.  I really like the candles at night and wish I could do my oil lamps, but was out and could not find any before the storm – but this may be a continuing thing at night when we finally do get our power turned back on.



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3 Responses to Filling the Time

  1. Lorrie says:

    1) So sorry to hear about the garden, but we are thankful to hear that you suffered nothing more than inconvenience.

    2) By a continuing thing, I assume you mean drinking wine with friends in the evening, !

  2. simply0637 says:

    Yes – of course I will continue drinking wine and spending tome with friends, but I am thinking of investing in some oil lamps and continuing the non-use of electricity at night. Thinking at 8pm that all gets turned off and use oil lamps & candles. May try it for the fall and see what it does to my electric bill and productivity. Figured Stella would be in bed then – so it would not be any different for her.

  3. Mardi says:

    Yes, seeing the stars is a pleasure. One thing we love here in Ashland. We’d forgotten they were out there when we were in Portland…. though I do hope the power returns soon.

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