Con Edison – Really?????

We have been without power since 2am Sunday morning and were told that we should have it restored by 11:59pm today – I am not keeping my fingers crossed on that one.  There are 19 homes on our block that are without power and last night most of us were called by ConEd to tell us that our service had been restored, hmmm…

When I got my call I pressed “2” since I was not satisfied that the problem has been resolved.  I spent 40 minutes on the phone with one of their agents who insisted that I must have power since her system showed it had been restored.  I stepped outside to take the call so that I could see my bill and give whatever information they needed.  I then started hearing others on their cell phones having the same argument that I was having.

First I was told that we were part of the problem at N. Broadway and Highland that had been fixed so therefore we had power.  I informed the agent that we were over a mile and a half from that location and that just because they fixed that problem did not mean our problem was fixed.  She then, again, insisted that I have power and that I just needed to trip my circuit breaker.  I told her that I was standing outside and that no house on the block had lights nor did we have street lights.  I was then told that just because I did not have power downstairs that I should go upstairs and my lights should work – are you kidding – part of my house was restored but not the other.  This went on and on, along with her telling me that I must be part of this and that problem area and they were fixed so we must be fixed.  I asked her if she knew the area and she told me that she was looking at a map – I asked her if she knew how to read it and could she tell that the areas that were up were no where near us.  She told me that she understood that they were not near us but that did not mean that the problem were not related.  I asked her how then could the block in front, back and both sides of us have power but not us, but that we were part of a problem in another town.  I finally gave up, along with most of the neighbors.  I am not sure why they would argue with us and tell us we had power when were at the location and definately did not have power.

I called back, but cannot call the 800# because the area code of my cell phone is not from this area – so I need to call the New York City office and hold forever.  I at least was able to speak with a competant person, who did another ticket for us.

This morning I received another call from ConEd, less than 12 hours from when I spoke to them lat night, telling me that my power was restored, again I pressed “2”.  Another ticket was put in for the original Sunday emergency ticket and I was told that they are still hoping for power to be restored by 11:59pm tonight.

Less than 10 minutes later I recieved another call from ConEd, again telling me that my power had been restored and again I pressed “2”.  This was for the ticket from last night.  This woman again insisted that I must have power and that it must be my circuit breaker because the larger area had had power restored.  I told her that I was not going to do this again and that maybe she should make a note to have a ConEd truck come down our block, since no truck has come yet.  We have seen 8 trucks drive by us this morning – would be nice if one of them turned down our block.

Going out to buy more candles not knowing when we will get power back and then it is time to clean out the freezer and get the water up.  Oh, yeah – thanks ConEd for offering ice to people who lost power – only it was 30 minutes away and we could not get there due to roads being closed, and actually glad we did not go since they ran out of ice before giving it out to all that needed it!

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2 Responses to Con Edison – Really?????

  1. Mardi says:

    This is a nightmare. I’m sorry you had to go through this. I’d be losing my mind!

  2. simply0637 says:

    It really was not as bad as I thought it would be – camping with the comforts of home!

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