The Preparations Have Begun

As of last night the news was that Irene would hit the New York area on Saturday and could potentially be a category 3, so I got up this morning and got all my chores out of the way.  I finished unpacking from our vacation, did 4 loads of laundry, cleaned the house, gave the dog a bath and so far have put away 2 loads of laundry.

I had already gone to the grocery yesterday, but forgot to get cat food and if we do loose power as they keep saying we will – I was afraid that I would run out and the cat would not be happy.  Off to the grocery I went again – I have never seen the parking lot so full and I had to wait for a parking space.  I picked up cat food, matches (could not remember if I had any) and a plug for my neighbors tub – I am sure the person behind me was thinking is she crazy.

At home it has been bringing in the garden items, yard waste cans, bags of mulch and dirt, the patio table chairs,etc.  The patio table is too wide to go down the stairs to the basement so that will have to come into the house, but at least that gives me a place to put all the potted plants on.  My neighbor and I are trying to decide where to park our cars – there is a tree on the side of the driveway and if it comes down – how will it fall.  August has seen more rain than normal and the ground is already saturated, so anymore rain will not soak into the ground but run off, so flooding and flash flooding are real concerns along with trees coming down since the root systems are weak.

I just took pictures of all my sunflowers – so I can remember how they looked all in bloom and so tall – as I came in to download them I turned the tv on to get an update.  They are now saying the storm is not as strong as they thought it would be, but we still need to prepare just like it was a category 3 or 2.  The water, wind and down trees are the main concern. They are also saying that the pressure plus the storm is the making of the perfect storm that was seen in days gone by – that most of us do not remember.

I have been filling up the water bottles and making ice – so that if the power does go out I can try and save what is in the freezer and the refrigerator.  I have also brought up the litter box and hope I can find the cat and get her inside.

The amazing thing for the city that never sleeps as of noon tomorrow all public transportation will shut down!

Need to get back to preparations and I am hoping that I will be able to harvest some more lavender today – not sure what will be after the storm.

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One Response to The Preparations Have Begun

  1. Gabriel says:

    Now don’t you think they are erring on the side of “Katrina taught us not to be slackers”?
    We all know that within the first 5 miles of landfall, the storm always weakens.
    On the other hand, all this hullabaloo did get me cleaning my gutters and re-pointing around by Bilco door which is the only aperture to my house which leaks…my books are down there! Unfortunately, I am not a cement/mortar type of guy and tend to reuse/resurrect/recycle-and-pray-that-it-works kind of guy, so the Macbeth-ian eye-of-newt, toe-of-frog mortar I sculpted 12 hours ago is certainly not dry yet.
    Let’s see who wins this one: a dysfunctional hydro-barometric swirling, or the apostle of RURBANELLA!

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