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A couple of days of vacation works wonders for every aspect of your life.  I had the best intentions to blog while away, but after the first day and it taking me 3 hours to do one post – I opted to wait and post upon my return.

We stayed in a great location and an amazing house – very 1970’s, but wonderful and very welcoming.  The house had many interesting features – a sailing mast hung from the ceiling, rope as railings, sails for dividers, a boat bottom as a coffee table, an outdoor shower and an incredible view of the ocean.  Sitting out on the deck it sounded like the waves crashing were echoing down the shoreline.  One night an owl hooted all night long.  We could walk to the ocean, the kettle ponds and throughout the national seashore.  Inside the house were hung long stakes as chimes and windows everywhere!



One of the exploring days found us in search of the kettle ponds, mostly located in Wellfleet.  We walked along dirt roads and just kept going to the left – Stella was a trooper, the walk was long and then there was the return, but the reward of swimming in one of the ponds was worth it. The ponds were created by receding glaciers that dug into the land and left behind depressions that were filled with the melt water of the glaciers.  The kettle ponds do not have any rivers feeding them, they are essentially exposed water tables and precipitation helps to keep the water level, but because the soil is mostly made up of permeable sand, water is able to flow through it.  The water is so clear and much warmer than the ocean.  You can swim in one for awhile and then walk to another one.  The days we did make it to the ponds – it always seemed that the wind was blowing more there than anywhere else – which made the getting out a chilling experience!

We did make it the bay one day and it was low tide – so walking along the shore was great fun.  Finding hermit crabs, crabs, small fish and many shells in the shallow water.  A couple of horseshoe crab shells were a fun addition to our other finds.

One morning as I was enjoying the view and the company of one of the guests – I was standing by the picnic table.  In mid-sentence a bee flew up my shorts and before I knew it my shorts were at my ankles – I had just met Marcus 2 days earlier and to tell the truth it would not have mattered if I was going commando – those shorts were coming down.  I was not stung and the bee flew out the top of my shorts on their way down to my ankles.  Marcus just stared at me, wondering what I was doing, can’t blame him.  I did have my bathing suit bottoms under my shorts!

The last day it was off to the ocean and to Provincetown and to the penny candy store that

Can you see her in the wave?

I had gone to as a kid.  The water temperature that day was a balmy 62 degrees – Stella never got out of the water and tried to convince me to come in an enjoy the water with her – I made it up to my lower calves.  She told me that I could hold her hand and squeeze as hard as I needed to like she does to me when she is getting a shot – I told her that I did not think that would work, she wanted me to try anyway – I don’t think I need to tell you but it just wasn’t working for me.  I know as  I a kid I was in that water all day long too, but I can’t do it now.  The evening was topped off my going to Arnold’s and enjoying a lobster roll, clam chowder and some of the best onion rings.  Stella was seafooded out and opted for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  We all enjoyed the meal and each others company.  A great time I think was had by all!

We are now back in New York, unpacked and will prepare tomorrow for the hurricane that is suppose to hit on Saturday and Sunday.  Not sure if they are making too much of the storm, but better to be safe than sorry.  We did miss the earthquake that hit while we gone.  I am thinking that mother nature is trying to tell us something!

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