A Little Different Pasta Salad

During the hot days of summer I find that a lot of times I do not want to cook. The thought of heating up the house anymore is enough to send me running to a restaurant for dinner when the temperatures hit 90 and above, but I really don’t like going out to eat that much or that often!  We tend to eat a lot of salads, use the grill (but even on those hot days the thought of standing in front of the grill – no thank you!) and prepare items ahead of time.  Some mornings I will get up early and make something for dinner that needs the use of the stove or oven, usually making a large amount to last several day.  I like this pasta salad recipe from my cousin – she puts in a can of tuna, but since I am not a tuna fan I omit.

A Little Different Pasta Salad


1 pound of cooked pasta
3 hard boiled eggs
1 can of corn or corn off the cob
1/2 onion (optional)
Salt & pepper

1. Hard boil at least 3 eggs.  I usually hard boil eggs on the weekend and keep a bowl in the fridge, make for a quick breakfast, lunch or snack.

2. Make the past according to the package directions.  I like to use vegetable pasta, usually cork screw of fusilli.

3. Drain a can of corn (try to use organic).  When corn is in season, I cook a couple of ears up, let cool and then cut off the cob to add to the pasta.


4. I like to get peas from the garden and then shell them.



5. Place the pasta in a large glass bowl and add the corn and peas.


6. Using an egg slicer, slice the eggs and add to the bowl of pasta.


7. Cut up the onion if using and add to the pasta.

8. Add thyme, salt and pepper to taste.

9. Add just enough mayonnaise to the mixture to coat lightly, mix.

10. Place in the fridge to chill and then serve.

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  1. Candace says:

    This salad definitely has lots of variations. I use brown rice pasta… : )

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