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I love the rain, but that prevented us from doing our planned kids craft corner craft this week – so what to do.  I looked at what we had in the craft cabinet, the time and then I remembered a felted flower craft I came across when I was learning how to make felted flowers.  This craft is one that needs to be done with a parent or adult supervision and help – you will be using a glue gun – HOT.

No Sew Felted Flower (thank you to:

Items Needed

Glue gun & glue sticks

1. Measure two strips of felt (2″ x 12″)

2. Cut the strips out.

3. Find a small,round container that measures 2″ in diameter. Use as your stencil to draw the circle base – cut out.

4. Fold over you felt strip – so it will end up being 1″ x 12″.  Using the glue gun, place very small dots of glue and glue piece together.  You do not want the glue dots to be large – it will interfere with cutting and making the flower.





5. Take the glued strips and cut notches all along the strip.  You want to cut them to almost the end and you want them to be about equal size.


6. Take your felted circle and using the glue gun – place a line of glue around the outside edge of the circle.  Take the glue edge of the cut felt strip – secure around the circle.  Continue this – working until you get to the middle of the circle.  You will need to use both strips – but for both of our flowers we did not use the whole length of the second strip – actually Stella did hers with just one strip.  I placed the glue and Stella secured the flower part.





This was a quick and fun, team craft project.  It took us about 30 minutes from start to finish.  I am sure that you could do it with white glue – just have to press and hold longer.  It would take no time at all to make a whole garland.  One piece of felt with get you 2 flowers – or using Stella’s method 4 flowers!

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  1. Candace says:

    really cool flowers!! I can see a great fund raiser with these flowers. : )

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