Wine Cork Trivet

I was at the craft store this week and happened to walk down the embroidery aisle – when I saw the embroidery hoops it triggered a memory!  Going back in the files of my brain I remembered seeing somewhere in my research of wine cork crafts a trivet made with corks and an embroidery hoop – so I bought one.  That same evening I went home and made one.  In about 30 minutes I was done and I have to say I LOVE my trivet!  I am going to leave it out on the table just so I can admire it and place things on it, even if they are not hot.

Wine Cork Trivet

Items Needed

Wine Corks
Outside embroidery hoop (I think I used a 6″ hoop)
Piece of cardboard (shirt box, cereal box, packing box)
Glue gun and sticks

1. Take the outside embroidery hoop and unscrew the screw – but don’t let the screw come out-  to make the hoop as big as you can.

2. Start placing corks inside the hoop – making circles that start on the outside and work in.  You will want your corks to all be about the same time.  Fill the hoop as tightly as you can.

3. Pull the hoop up on the corks, a little less than half way up the cork.  Start tightening the screw – tighten until all the corks are secured and do not come out.  I would screw and the lift up – I kept doing this until corks stopped falling out.  There is one that is a little loose, but it stayed in – so onto the next step.

4. Trace the trivet on the cardboard (you want it a little smaller than the trivet circumference).  I traced the cardboard first and then had to trim before securing on.

5. Using the cardboard circle as your template – trace and cut the felt.

6. Using a glue gun, secure the card board onto the bottom of the trivet.

7. Again, using the glue gun secure the felt onto the cardboard.

You are now done and your trivet is ready to use.  I am sure when people seeing it on your counter or dining table they ask you where you got it and you can say “I made it!”

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3 Responses to Wine Cork Trivet

  1. jo says:

    so cute! what a great idea

  2. Candace says:

    Great way to use corks!! Very cool. : )

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