The Garden Is Planted – Yeah!

I planted the garden Mother’s Day weekend – which was a great mother’s day present to myself.  I was so glad that I had done the garden bed prepping prior, so that I was able to get the garden all planted in a day.  I am known around the area as the yard with the HUGE sunflowers – people stop their cars and get out to take photos – luckily mother nature and the birds and squirrels helped with the planting of those – I even had some start growing in the squash bed.  So first off was to replant the sunflowers from the squash bed to other areas of the yard – I left a few in the bed, just because.

With all the rain that we have recently received the garden is beginning to pop!  I cheated a little and did buy some curly kale – those plants are doing great.  After putting together makeshift burlap bags for the white potatoes – I had an “ah-ha” moment and remember that the local coffee shop gets their coffee beans in burlap bags, big ones.  So off I went to Coffee Labs to ask for some bags, they were more than happy to give me some.  I came back home and planted my purple and sweet potatoes in the bags.  The white potatoes are doing fabulously and I have mulch to about half of the bag.

Purple Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes

White & Sweet






In the garden bed along the sidewalk – I planted parsnips, carrots and a couple purple and sweet potatoes.  I noticed a couple of prints in the garden bed and thought it was a dog, so I put up a little fence.  I went back to check again and their were prints all along the bed and the rows were trampled – then I saw that the tops of some of sunflowers were gone!  Looking closer at the prints – they were deer prints.  I was surprised that they were down here and not in the woods, after such a mild winter – there is plenty of food.  I will wait a couple more days – but I think I will have to re-seed and cover the rows for protections.


I have a small yard, so I make use of all available space.  Along the driveway I have planted cucumbers and they are starting to come up. Over the weekend I will put up the posts and string for them to vine to.  I have planted zucchini, yellow, acorn and pitty pat squash.  I love checking to see if the plant is popping through – it so amazes me – to check in the morning and see nothing, not even the dirt raised, but then to check again in the evening and there is the plant!


I have planted strawberries, arugula, lettuce and radishes in containers.  The strawberries are for Stella and as soon as there is a ripe one – it is picked and eaten on the spot.

My herb garden and garlic are growing nicely.  I love the purple flowers on the sage and I can start making pesto in about 2 – 3 weeks.

I the last garden bed is peas, bush beans, beets, Russian kale, chard, broccoli and cauliflower.  Small plants are starting to come through, but I think I might have to re-seed a little of each. The rain certainly helped, but I also think because of how heavy the rains were and how much rain we received some of the seeds were either washed away or drowned.

Happy gardening to all and wishing a wonderful growing season with an abundant harvest!

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2 Responses to The Garden Is Planted – Yeah!

  1. Candace says:

    Your garden is wonderful and I love that you use all the space so well. Very encouraging to others and hopefully others will try gardening. : )

    • simply0637 says:

      Thank you. Had someone at the house yesterday and they have a very small yard, but are going to try to do some gardening. I was more than happy to give them seedlings and supplies to get them started!

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