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Razzle Pazzle, Raspberry & Plum Jam

Last night I tackled the plums and raspberries that were picked on Saturday.  I washed the plums and raspberries (which were only half of what we brought home – Stella decided to indulge for dinner).       First was … Continue reading

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That’s Not My Cat!

Last night, just like every other night I went outside to say goodnight to the cat and take her food in – don’t want animals in the yard and the gardens.  I looked out the window saw the cat under … Continue reading

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Oh, Delicious, Juicy… Fruit!

Great day!  Before 7am I had watered the gardens, walked the dog and had 2 loads of laundry on the line then it was out the door a little before 8am.  Drove an hour and a half north of where … Continue reading

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

This morning, as I prepared to garden, I pulled out an old, favorite t-shirt with mother earth in the center.  Surrounding her are dancing bears, representing different country flags.  The saying: The Future’s Here – We Are It – We … Continue reading

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It Takes Time

I live in a duplex that was built around 1930.  When we first moved in, having moved from Colorado where we lived on 17 acres, my daughter and I went out to the backyard and she said “mama, where is … Continue reading

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The Quilt Begins

I usually make a quilt for the new babies entering our family and for close friends, but as I have been told on many occasions I have never made a quilt for my daughter.  When she was little I saved … Continue reading

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Kale Chips, Delicious

I got the laundry in from the line moments before the rain began, perfect.  I hate it when I forget about the laundry hanging and then the rain begins – so the laundry stays on the line until the rain … Continue reading

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I Wonder…

I wonder why it is that in the summer every place you go is so d#!* cold?  If we are concerned with the environment and cost, then why keep the air conditioning setting at freezing? I have been trying this … Continue reading

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They Glow

I guess you could call my daughter and me rock hounds.  My love of rocks started early – any rock that was sparkly and shiny in the sun was a keeper.  And what kid does not like to play in … Continue reading

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Fall Garden Planted

Last night we had a lot of rain, which was a great thing for more than the obvious, it also cooled things off today and it made the weeds easier to pull – both really good things! Our first fall … Continue reading

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