Oh, Delicious, Juicy… Fruit!

Great day!  Before 7am I had watered the gardens, walked the dog and had 2 loads of laundry on the line then it was out the door a little before 8am.  Drove an hour and a half north of where we live with the Hudson River to our west, the sun behind the clouds and temperature at 65 – perfect day to pick some fruit.  We picked up a friend along the way and we were off to Weeds Farm.

The chaos begins again!  I love white peaches and was in search of them – called many a farm yesterday to find out that they were already picked out of white peaches, bummer – but have to have some peaches to make it through the winter.  I make a smoothie every day for my daughter and peaches are one of the ingredients. So a peach pickin’ we went.

We arrived at Weeds a little after they opened and we were one of the first people there.  I love it when there are very few people around – the peace and quiet and being in nature on a beautiful morning is magical.  We made a stop at the squash garden – wanted to get some bigger zucchinis to make zucchini bread and chocolate zucchini bread – YUM!  And then it was off to the peach trees – where of course we all had to taste the fruit, the juice was dripping from our lips and fingers – we  picked and picked – actually we picked 14 pounds.  I wanted some white peaches and they said that the only white ones they had were the donut peaches – so I picked a little over a pound of those. As we were walking the farm we came across some other peach tree s- and believe it or not they were the non-existent white peaches! Heaven!  We went up to pay and I told them that I had called yesterday and was told that they did not have white peaches and out I pulled a white peach – then I was asked where did I find them – I wanted to keep the secret but knew that I could not pick all of them so I told them.

We left Weeds and headed to Lawrence Farm.  I wanted to pick plums, which I have never done before.  Last night as I was researching recipes for plums I came across an interesting article where they said that prunes were losing market share to other dried fruits and that they were re-branding them to dried plums.  Makes sense, when I picture prunes I think of an old person eating them to stay regular.  I will be making some dried plums and that is how I will talk them up with the kids when they ask for a snack – I won’t give them too many though – I don’t think their parents would like me too much.

Lawrence Farm also had raspberries – they were spectacular.  I don’t eat raspberries myself, but Stella loves them – so I will be making some raspberry – plum jam for her.

We stopped for lunch on the way home.  Great place that uses mostly local produce – will have to visit that farm on one of my trips to the north country.  All in all we picked 9 1/2 pounds of zucchini, 15 pounds of peaches (yellow, white & donut) 3/4 pound of raspberries and 7 pounds of plums.  I definitely have my work cut out for me – glad it is suppose to rain for the next couple of days won’t mind staying inside to do some baking and jam making.

I better get busy – going to try and get the plums on the dehydrator and the plum and raspberry jam made tonight.

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