Make Your Own Gel Room Fresheners

Lately it seems that all it does is rain.  Everything is damp, waterlogged and smells, especially the dog.  The smell of wet dog is one of those smells I just can’t stand.  I put baking soda on the area rugs almost daily, have forbid the dog on the furniture, mainly because when I sit on the couch I feel that I then smell like wet dog and open the windows whenever I can – even though Stella tells me how cold she is.  I need to find another way to combat the smell – so I decided to try making my own gel room fresheners.

These are made with unflavored gelatin and that took a couple trips to different stores before I found it.

Gel Room Freshener

Things You Will Need

1 box gelatin (4 packets)
Salt (to prevent mold)
Food coloring (optional)
Essential Oil (10 – 30 drops)
Dropper or syringe
Glass jars (I used 1/2 pint canning jars)
Glass measuring cup or bowl


1. In a saucepan mix 1 cup of water, 2 Tbl salt and food coloring if using – bring to a boil.


2. While the water is boiling, mix the 4 packets of gelatin in 1 cup of ice cold water, stir until dissolved.




3. Once the water, salt and food coloring is boiling, mix with the gelatin mixture – stir well.  The mixture will become cloudy, but that will change when it is setting.  You may have to add more food coloring at this point.  I decided to do orange food coloring since I was going to use Orange essential oil.

4. Once it is well mix add the essential oil, anywhere from 10 – 30 drops.  The amount of oil you add will be determined by how strong you want the scent.  Mix well.

5. Pour into your glass jars and let set at room temperature – this will take some time.  You can speed up the setting process by putting the jars in the fridge – but just be warned that the smell will permeate in the fridge – I chose to just let set on the counter – I was afraid that my food would taste like orange, but I am very sensitive to smell.

Once the jars have set you can cover with plastic wrap until ready to use.  If you do not want to use right away cover with plastic wrap and seal.  I did one of mine with the canning lid and put small holes in (with a nail and hammer) and then put the ring on – I placed this one in the bathroom and since it is small I did not an overwhelming smell. The other one I left uncovered in the living/dining room and the smell is very pleasant  I have heard that these will last anywhere from 1 month to 6 months – so I will see how long my last.  I think next time I might put some items in – I read that you could do marbles, shells, dried herbs, artificial flowers – nothing that could mold.  I think it would look really nice to line the outside of the inside of the jar with cinnamon sticks and then use a spicy essential oil.  I so hope this helps with the smelly dog scent!

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