Never Loose Your Chap-stick Again!

I get quite a few newsletters for homesteading and crafting and when I saw this knew I had to make it!  I try to keep a tube of chap-stick in my purse, the car, coat pocket, bathroom – pretty much everywhere, but when I need it, I never have it!  Stella is the same way – so to the crafting cabinet I went and I had everything needed!  The sewing machine came out and off I went.  I shared the finished product with a friend and she asked me to make 2 for her grand-daughters – done!

The only velcro I had was with the sticky back – I would not recommend this if you are using your sewing machine – it really gunks up the needle.  After the first one I hand sewed the velcro on to the others.  So wish I had just regular velcro – will for the next ones!

Chap-Stick Holder Key Ring (thank you

Chap done 3

Items Needed

Key ring
ChapstickChap items
Sewing machine (or you can do my hand)
Sewing needle

1. Cut a square piece that measures 3 1/2 inches by 5 inches.

Chap square

2.At 2 1/2 inches from the top, cut to a halfway point. Then trim lengthwise to make an L shape.

Chap l

3. You’ll be folding over the bottom part and sewing it shut. But first sew on the velcro pieces and any embellishments you will be using.

Chap velcro

Chap sew

Chap embelishments

4. Using the piece that you cut out from the square to make the “L”, cut a long rectangular piece of felt, for the keyring.

Chap key

5. Fold over the felt to make the pocket, and pin together remembering to pin in the piece of felt with the key ring (I pinned the ring onto the side).  Sew the side and bottom seams.

Chap pinned

6. Slide your chap-stick into the pocket, close up and you are ready to attached to a backpack, key chain, your purse and never be without chap-stick again!

Chap done2

Chap done1

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2 Responses to Never Loose Your Chap-stick Again!

  1. Candace says:

    Hooray. Your blog opened today for me!! : ) Cute chapstick holder. Stella must be the envy of everyone in her class.

  2. Erin says:

    That is adorable.

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