Ginger Molasses Waffles!

There is something about ginger and molasses that makes my senses come alive!  I came across this recipe at one of my favorite blogs, Prairie Homestead, and decided I had to give it a try.  But there was one problem – I didn’t have a waffle maker, so I saved the recipe for future baking.  The problem was solved with a waffle maker being one of the Christmas presents that I received, a little hint was given.  So to the kitchen I went!

I wanted to see if I could take this recipe and instead of making it following the directions given, try soaking the flour instead.  My first attempt was a HUGE success, my second attempt – the batter was a little thicker and I only was able to make 4 Belgium waffles – I soaked the flour for almost 24 hours and I think that is where the difference was.  I didn’t mean to soak for that long, but the day got away from me and I did not make it back in to the kitchen until about 3pm.

Highly Recommend this Book!

Highly Recommend this Book!

You ask why soak your flour?  “Soaking” your flour before you bake with it has numerous health benefits, and can give baked goods a deliciously rich flavor and texture.  Sally Fallon, in her book Nourishing Traditions, sites the following benefits of soaking your flour before baking with it:
-activates the enzyme phytase, which breaks down phytic acid (phytic acid inhibits the absorption of calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc)
-provides lactic acid and lactobacilli, helping to break down complex starches and proteins
-increases vitamin content
-makes the nutrients in grains more readily available
-softens whole grain flour, making it more palatable

The bottom line, soaking your flour makes your end product more digestible, readying nutrients for easy assimilation in the body.

Both Stella and me are in love with these and they are so filling that we can split one between the two of us and be full for many hours!

Ginger Molasses Waffles

Waffle done


1 cup organic unbleached white flour
1 cup organic wheat flour
1 3/4 cup cultured buttermilk, from grass-fed cow not pasteurized – if possible
3 tsp baking powder, aluminum free (where to buy)
2 tsp ground ginger (where to buy)
2 tsp cinnamon (where to buy)
1/2 tsp nutmeg (where to buy)
1/2 tsp sea salt (where to buy)
3 eggs, organic, free range
1/4 cup rapadura (where to buy)
1/2 cup melted, grass-fed butter
1/2 cup unsulphered, black strap molasses (where to buy)

1. The evening before, in a large glass bowl, combine the flours and buttermilk – mix well.  Cover with a cotton cloth and allow to sit on the counter for at least 7 hours.

In the evening....

In the evening….

In the morning...

In the morning…

2. Melt the butter on the stove and allow to cool.

3. Add the baking powder, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and sea salt to the batter and mix well.  The batter with be thick and “rubbery”.

Waffle spices

4. In a separate glass bowl combine the eggs and rapadura.  I use an old fashion egg beater. Beat until very well mixed.

5. Add the molasses to the egg mixture and beat well.  Then add the melted butter, again mix well.

Waffle liquid

6. Add the egg mixture to the flour mixture and mix well.  Once you add the egg mixture to the flour mixture you will notice that the liquid does not “melt” into the flour mixture.  You will really need to break up the flour mixture to mix the egg mixture in.

Waffle batter

7. Heat your waffle maker and add the batter according to the directions.

Waffle in maker

8. Once done remove the waffle to your plate, slather with butter and add some really good maple syrup!  Your taste buds will rejoice along with your nose – the smell in the kitchen that these great – is wonderful!

For the leftover waffles, allow to cool completely on a metal wrack and store in freezer bags, separated by parchment or wax paper.  Store in the fridge or freezer.  When you want to have one – just re-heat in your toaster oven.


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