Pear And Apple Fruit Leather

We were all out of our Papple Jam, which meant it was time to make more!  Two summers ago I made more jam than I knew what to do with and was giving it away and we still have a couple of jars left.  This year I decided I was only going to make Papple, Apple Butter and to try my hand at Grape Jelly.

I made a batch of papple, but it did not set – ugh!  I am not sure why – it is the recipe I always use.  Now I have 7 jars of papple and I was not sure what to do with it – then I thought why  not try and make some fruit leather with it.  I started with one jar.

Pear & Apple Fruit Leather

Fruit roll up wrapped


Pear & Apple jam (aka: Papple)

Here’s another recipe and directions on how to make fruit leather.

1. Place the jerky trays on the regular dehydrator trays – remember to grease them – I used butter.

Fruit roll up greaed

2. Spread a thin, even layer of the fruit mixture – using a spatula to spread around.

Fruit roll up spread

3. Dehydrate from 8 – 12 hours on 135 degrees.  You can also do this in the oven, using baking sheets lined with parchment or plastic wrap.  After about 10 hours, peel the off the jerky tray and place directly on the dehydrator tray – dehydrate for another couple of hours.

4. The leather may be a little sticky, but will be pliable.  Using a sharp knife or scissors (my choice) cut the leather into pieces.

Fruit roll up driedFruit roll up cuttingFruit roll up pieces

5. Take a piece of plastic wrap and place on the plastic wrap. Take one edge of the plastic wrap on turn over onto the pointy end of the fruit leather, but not the over the whole piece, roll up. Store in an airtight container or in the refrigerator.

Fruit roll up wrapping

These were a huge it with the kids – they loved them!  Another batch is being made.  Since I used jam this had more sugar than a traditional fruit leather recipe. They are sweet and are better used as a treat or dessert – not an everyday snack.  These are very similar to the store bought fruit roll ups – but without all the preservatives and ingredients you can’t read.

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2 Responses to Pear And Apple Fruit Leather

  1. Candace says:

    Of course the kids loved them!! Great way to use the papple that didn’t set. You are quite the homemaker!! : )

  2. Jo says:

    I’ve been lucky enough to have your fruit leather so I bet these were yummy!

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