Kids Craft Corner – Pom Pom Ornaments

Over breakfast Stella and I were talking about kids craft projects and pom poms came up.  Stella looked at me like I had two heads!  I remember making pom poms in school art class, but Stella didn’t know what I was talking about or how to make a pom pom.  That decided what would be our next kids craft corner project.

This year we will be away for the Christmas holiday, so we will not be getting a tree – but I still want to do some holiday decorating.  I figured these would make a window or our shelves look festive.  I also like to put ornaments on the kids holiday gifts and since Stella will be making these – she can put on her gifts.

During Sandy as I was knitting – I looked over and saw Stella busy with something.  I asked her what she was doing and she said she was starting to make her Christmas presents – I LOVED that answer!  I asked who she was making them for and she said my cousins, aunts and grandmas.  She is now all about beading, but does not want me to teach her any stitches – so these can decorate her packages.

Pom Pom Ornaments

Items needed

Miscellaneous yarns
Toilet paper or paper towel tube

1. Wrap the yarn around a toilet paper or paper towel tube.  The more yarn the fuller the pom pom.  Wrap until you don’t want to wrap anymore.

or you can always use your fingers!

2.  Cut the yarn and slide the yarn off the tube – make sure to hold the tail – you don’t want the yarn to start unraveling.

3. Tie another piece of yarn around the center of the wrapped yarn – leaving enough yarn to make a loop for hanging the ornament.

4. Cut the loops of yarn and trim up the pom pom to make it circular.

So easy and fun!  Stella loved making these and decided they would make great pom poms for her American Girl dolls and then she would not have to buy them.  I had to tell her it was time to finish up her chores, but she asked if she could make more tomorrow night – then I reminded her that she only had a half day of school – she decided that she would do them after school too!!

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3 Responses to Kids Craft Corner – Pom Pom Ornaments

  1. Jo says:

    So darn cute….Stella and the ornaments! That is very cool….xoxo

  2. Candace Coffin says:

    Wow. They look cool and look like they were lots of fun to make. : )

  3. Mardi says:

    A simple way to make pom poms. I like it!

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