A Day At The Farm

I love going to the farms and orchards in our area all year round, but there is something about going in the fall.  I remember as a child going to the orchard for apple and pumpkin picking and we would always get a homemade donut and apple cider.  Stella has been going to farms and orchards for pretty much her whole life and she is lucky that she gets to experience a “real” farm experience when she visits grandma – I think her favorite part is getting the eggs.  I have taken many of Stella’s friends with us to the farms and I seem to take it for granted that the kids should know how to pick this fruit or vegetable or know where cherries come from or broccoli – but that is not usually the case!  We took Mateo with us this past weekend and part of the fun for me is seeing the smiles and ah-ha moments experienced by him and listening to the conversations Stella has with him about certain fruits/vegetables.

We went to pick apples, pear and squash.  We ended up picking apples, pear, squash, corn, broccoli and pumpkins.  It was one of those glorious fall days, the temperature was crisp, a slight breeze, blue sky and wispy clouds.  We started off with our sweat shirts but then had to take them off about 1pm.

As we walked towards the apple trees, we made a stop at the grape vines.  Concord grapes were on the vines, the kids tried them and decided they did not like them. Then it was past the cabbage, greens and broccoli patch.  Stella loves broccoli – so we stopped to pick some and of course Mateo wanted to pick some too and then wanted to try eating it just picked – he loved it!

We picked several types of apples and we had to try each kind – just to make sure they were good!  There was one that none of us liked – so we moved on.  We picked Fuji, honey crisp and Macoun.

And this apple caused many giggles…..

Did you guess why?  This apple looks like a butt!

Not that we needed more vegetables for the week, but they so wanted to pick corn right off the stalk!  Of course I said yes!  They pick the amount I told them they could and then they wanted to go further into the  “forest of sin” – don’t ask I am not sure where they came up with that one!  I am sure afterwards they wished the had not gone deeper into the forest of sin – since both of them itched for about an hour!!

The kids each picked a baby pumpkin, which took a nap with them on the way home and got a bath before bedtime! I picked a goose neck gourd – and now I can’t wait for it to be cured and make something with it!

We got our donuts and then Stella and Mateo played in the kids village, did the hay maze and road the train.  I sat on the rock in the village and watched the clouds float by and people watched!  It was a wonderful day!

Each summer Mateo goes to a farm camp, but after our trip on Saturday he decided we needed to live in the country, in an old house and grow our food!  We are considering moving next year to a place with more space – so I told him he could come to our farm camp for the summer – he loved that idea!

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5 Responses to A Day At The Farm

  1. Candace says:

    Loved the “trip to the farm” here. Marvelous experience for kids. What a beautiful farm. Is it a commercial/organic farm? Far from you?? The vegetables and fruit looked so healthy. As do Mateo and Stella!! : )

    • simply0637 says:

      I am not sure if the farm is commercial. It is pretty much a u-pick farm. They are not certified organic, but follow organic practices. The farm is in Newburgh, so about an hour away – but get to drive the Taconic – which is always beautiful!

  2. va. says:

    Looked like a lot of fun!

  3. Wendy says:

    Thanks for sharing this experience Pamela…what a great Mom you are to open up Stella’s eyes to so many wonderous & positive things in the world…and her friends! I can surely see you on a farm some place living your bliss! XOXO

  4. Jo says:

    What a wonderful outing. Looks like they had so much fun. I love fall. We’ll talk

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