Kids Craft Corner – Pureed Paper Bowls (Part 1)

There are only 2 weeks left before school starts – yeah!!  I decided I needed a craft that took a little more time than our usual crafts.  This one takes days – and even more days if it is humid!  The reason I really liked this craft is that it showed the kids how you can take a material and turn it into something else!

Do you get phone books delivered to your door step, even though you did not order or ask for  them?!  I do all the time and each time I call the organization and get myself on the do not deliver list (but that does not work all the time) and then I ask them to come and pick them up (and that does not always happen either).  I don’t understand why I cannot recycle a phone book in the weekly paper recycling, but we can’t in our town.  Here is a project that will use up some of those phone books that are sitting around collecting dust bunnies!

Pureed Paper Bowl

Items Needed

Paper (preferably paper that was going to be recycled – not new paper)
Immersion blender
Mesh colander

1. Using a glass bowl, tear up paper to about 1″ pieces and place in the bowl.  I had read somewhere that yellow pages would turn into a sag green pulp – not the case for us.  Next time I would try to find some colored paper from the recycling bin to use.

2. Pour warm water over the paper – making sure to cover with some extra water. The paper will absorb the water.  Let soak for a couple of hours.





3. Using an immersion blender – puree the paper to the consistency of a thick smoothie.  I will give you warning – have the kids wear aprons and be prepared for splatter to end up all over in the kitchen (I am still finding splatter in places).

4. Press the pulp through a mesh colander – squeeze out the excess water.  You want the pureed paper to be a little wet – like workable clay.





5. Take a mold – we used small glass bowls, but you could use a plastic take out container.  You want a mold that has a smooth surface, no cut outs, ridges, etc.  Cover the mold with the pureed paper – use the back of a large spoon to smooth out the puree.  You want the surface to be smooth and make the puree mesh up and be one continuous covering over the mold.





6. Place on a tray and allow to dry.  The puree was probably a little wetter than it should have been -so between that and the humidity – these are taking days to dry – we are on day 3 and they are still not dry!  Once dry take off the mold.

Since we had two shades of gray – the girls decided that they want to paint and decorate the bowls – so stayed tuned for part 2 (when we are back from vacation).

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  1. Candace says:

    These are great!! You have the patience of a Saint!! xxox

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