Make Your Own Almond Milk

Recently I went back to school to study integrative nutrition.  As part of my graduation requirements I am part of a health coach circle – where I have met some incredible people!  One of those people is your guest blogger today – Dani Lindholm.   Check out her blog . Dani makes her own almond milk due to her gluten and dairy allergies.

Something I really love about cooking is that it’s such a do-it-yourself activity. Where I may not be able to repair a gas leak in my house, I can cook which somehow makes me feel like a competent human in the face of sometimes overwhelming circumstances. I know I could buy a lot of take-out or live on someone else’s cooking, but I also know that I can do it myself. That’s not the case with gas leaks which require knowing more than I do about plumbing or pipes. It’s also great to know that I don’t have to rely on grocery store brands of almond milk to have a nice nut milk to drink. They oftentimes are full of additives anyhow, and if that is professional cooking, well, then I’ll take my chances in my own kitchen. Thanks.

Here is how I make my own almond milk:

1. I buy raw almonds in bulk through Raw almonds, unlike their roasted counterparts, have enzymes which aid in digestion.

2. I gather my ingredients. I’ll need:

1 cup of raw almonds
1 bowl

3. Place the almonds in the bowl, and add water to about one inch above the almonds. Soak overnight.

4. Next day: drain and rinse the almonds. Then you will need:

your blender
3-4 cups filtered water
soaked almonds


5. Place the almonds and water into your blender and start your blender.



6. Then place a nut bag into a bowl to strain the mixture:

7. Pour the mixture into the bag, and squeeze the bag to get the excess.

8. Pour into a container to keep in your refrigerator. You can now add maple syrup, honey, and/or vanilla to flavor your milk.

9. Enjoy in smoothies, tea, or by itself!! Be creative.

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  1. Candace says:

    Wow. That is SO easy, and you don’t need to dehydrate the almonds after soaking!! : )

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