Serving Tray To The Rescue!

How many trips are you taking to the outside dining table or even the inside dining table?  I make several trips – place mats, silverware, napkins, drinks, condiments, etc. – so after many trips and many years – I finally got smart.  Wouldn’t a tray be helpful?! Well, yeah – very!!!!  When I saw some paper with chickens on it – I knew that I had my tray theme.

Serving Tray

Items needed

Tray (can find one at a yard sale or can get one at the craft store)
Paint brushes
Sand paper (I did not do this step, but wish I had)
Paper (colored. scrap, pieces from magazines)
Decoupage glue
Water based poly-acrylic

1. This is the step that I did not do, but should have – I was too excited to get painting.  Sand the tray, smoothing all the rough spots.

2. Paint the tray – I ended up doing 2 coats and I painted the tray part that was going to be covered with paper – glad I did.

3. Cut the base paper and glue on with the decoupage glue – do a layer of decoupage on top of the paper.  I thought I was doing so good in measuring the paper, but when I went to glue on realized I had cut it a little too small – very glad that I had painted the part that I thought was going to be covered.





4. I then cut out the chickens and glued them on with decoupage glue and then did another coat of decoupage glue over the whole paper area. Allow to dry completely.





5. Now I decided to do a couple of coats of water based poly-acrylic.  I did this for 2 reasons – the first so that the tray would be easy to wipe clean and the second to rid the tray of the bumps from the chicken pieces.  I did three or four coats – don’t remember now – but let dry for a day in-between coats – just because it has been really rainy and humid here!

Now my tray is ready to be used and used and used!

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  1. Candace says:

    Trays are great….can be used for so many things!! Your tray is lovely and doing lots of top coats so you won’t have bumps from the chickens was VERY smart. : )

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