Paper Towel Roll = Napkin Rings

In my ever dying obsession in finding a re-use for toilet and paper towel rolls that are both fun and practical, here is another project for you to try out.  This would make a great kids project, especially around the holidays as part of the holiday table and I am sure that we will do these again for that purpose – but Stella has been away for the past 2 weeks so for this project I was on my own.

Paper Towel Roll Napkin Rings

Items Needed

Paper towel roll (1 roll will make 4 napkin rings)
Scrap ribbon, paper, tulle, fabric or  the like
Buttons, beads, embellishment items
Scissors (preferably ones that cut with a design edge)

1. Flatten you paper towel roll, measure and mark your cutting lines.  I chose to make my lines every 2 1/2″.

2. Cut the rings with scissors.

3. I wrapped mine with paper so I measure the paper and cut 4 strips.  Glue the strips on the rings.





4. I had a piece of scrap ribbon from a package that I used.  The width of the ribbon determined the width of the paper strips that I cut.  Cut the ribbon for each ring and glue the ribbon on.  This ribbon had wire edges so I had to the glue edges until they were almost dry.

5. I had some bead embellishments that I used as the center piece of napkin rings.  Glue on.

Slide the rings over your napkins and set your table!

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  1. Candace says:

    These are cool and definitely a kid’s craft project!! : )

  2. Magda says:


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