Tent, Friends, Great Weather – Priceless Weekend

I love to camp and so does Stella and when her friend Bella’s mom, Lisa, said why don’t we go camping this past weekend – I jumped at it.  Bella’s sister and dad were away at a soccer tournament so it was just us four girls!

We left Friday afternoon and drove about 2 hours north.  We arrived at our camp site about 5:30, set up camp and then headed to the pond to cool off – which was much needed after the heat we have been having!  Back to the campsite for a quick dinner and then to the main campground lawn for playing on the playground, kids movie and a bonfire.  The kids played and Lisa and I sat by the bonfire and visited.  About 10 we put our jams on and climbed into our sleeping bags and were serenaded by many bull frogs!  The sky was cloudy so we did not get to see any stars.





Saturday we got up, made breakfast and headed into Hudson – Bella had switched shoes and did not have sneakers for hiking – so we needed to get her a pair.  Then we went for a nice hike in Greensport Conservation Area and some lunch.  We weren’t expecting rain, but it started – not much, but enough that we opted to pass on the next hike and head back to camp – since we did not have the fly on the tent and we did not want to sleep in wet beds!  Of course it had not rained at the campsite!!  The campground was having a carnival like weekend – so the girls had a blast doing the blow up obstacle course, the water slide and the dunk tank!

Our last night we cooked salmon on the camp stove, but our vegetables over the open fire.  The fire pit was too small for the wood – so it was an endless struggle to keep the fire going, but enough to roast some marshmallows.  We were serenaded again by bull frogs and as we were chatting, Lisa noticed the stars were out – so we got up and took the fly off the tent – great decision – the stars were spectacular and we were able to see Venus!


Our last day, we packed up the site and headed to Bash Bish Falls.  This was about a mile hike in and we went from New York to Massachusetts and ended up at a fabulous waterfall.  We climbed down to the pools and the girls were brave enough to get in the very cold water!  We hung out for about an hour and then hiked out – but before we headed back home we went to the over look and were treated to an incredible view of the valley.  There was a man playing the guitar and writing music – he was kind enough to let Stella play us a song.





It was a great weekend where lasting memories were made!

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6 Responses to Tent, Friends, Great Weather – Priceless Weekend

  1. Gail says:

    Great spot for camping! Bash Bish is one of our favorite places. My daughter’s husband even proposed there! Glad you had fun.

    • simply0637 says:

      I can see why – it is a truly special place. I bet it was a sacred spot for the Indian tribe in the area – you could just feel the energy!

  2. Candace says:

    Okay.. should have read this blog prior to looking at all the photos. Great blog and so inspiring for others. Nice job!!

  3. virginia says:

    Pamela-What a great weekend! I think my Dad took Rob,Jamie and I camping at or near those falls. We were young. Brought back some nice memories!

  4. Jo says:

    Photos are great and now memories for Stella.

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