Add Some Pizazz To A Pair Of Jeans

About 12 years ago I purchased a pair of capri pants that had fringe on the cuffs – I still have them and love them.  When Stella was little she loved to come over and run her hand over the fringe and play with them, so when she was older I fringed a pair of her capris – she wore them out!  For my niece’s birthday present I decided I would fringe a pair of jean capris for her.  The hardest part was finding a simple pair of jean capris without any design on them.  I purchased some multicolored glass beads and was all ready to start.

Beaded Fringe Jeans

Items Needed

Needle with an eye that will go through the beads




I also decided to bead around each back pocket.

1. Get all materials out.  I like to pour the beads into a shallow dish, it makes them easier to use (at least for me) and thread your needle (double thread).

2. I started with the back pockets.  String 3 beads onto the needle, push them to end of thread, lay beads on the jeans and stitch through fabric so they lay flat.  Push the needle back up through the fabric behind where you just entered – you want to go back through the last 2 beads.  String 3 more beads on and continue in the same way until you are done.  You might have to do 1 or 2 beads at a time when turning the corners.





3. Now to start the fringe.  Since you will be doing it on the bottom seam – you will not go all the way through the fabric – just through the first piece.  Thread the needle and knot the end, put the needle through on the inside of the seam coming out where the seam folds.


4. To start the fringe, string as many beads as you want for the length – I used 6 beads.  Go back through all the beads, but NOT the last one that you put on the needle, push needle through the material coming out where you want to start the next fringe.  Continue in this way until you have fringed the whole leg and then do the other leg.





You will want to wash these on the delicate cycle or by hand and then hang to dry.  Stella grows like a weed and I think I will take some of her pants that are too short, cut and surge the hem and then fringe with beads – making an old pair of pants into new ones, which is great because the pants fit everywhere else – I might even try a loop fringe – get back to you on that one!  Happy wearing!

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2 Responses to Add Some Pizazz To A Pair Of Jeans

  1. Candace says:

    Wow. The bead work is awesome. Very, very cool. Stella must be the best dressed in her class. : )

  2. Jo says:

    I was lucky and got a sneak preview….they are great.

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