Kids Craft Corner – How To Recycle Old Crayons and Make New Ones

Our crayon box seems to get fuller and fuller, but as far as I can tell the colors really never change.  I remember as a kid just loving getting a new box of crayons – the sharp points, all the colors and the smell – heaven.  I think most kids are the same and when the crayons start breaking and the sharpener does not really work – new crayons become essential – or  how else are you suppose to color the corners, the tight spot and draw good lines – without that point the crayon loses some of its splendor! So as we accumulate crayons upon crayons, we also get quite the collection of broken crayons.  It seems to be the new rave these days to see all the different shaped multicolored crayons – so why not make our own?!

We collected all the broken crayons from the crayon box and then took all the wrappers off – we were ready.

Recycle Your Old Crayons and Make New Ones

Items needed

Broken crayons (or ones that mysteriously get broken as you are sorting through them)
Cutting board
Sharp knife
Muffin pan or candy mold

1. Gather up all your broken crayons, take the wrappers off and cut into small pieces (an adult should do the cutting).





2. Preheat your oven to 250 degrees.

3. Fill a muffin tin or candy mold with the broken crayons.  If you are using a muffin tin be prepared for it to stain – so use one that you do not care about.



4. Bake for 15 – 20 minutes or until the crayons are melted.





5. Take out of the oven and allow to cool.  You can speed up the process by placing the pan in the freezer.

6. Pop them out on a soft surface, you do not want them to break.  If they do not pop out easily, place in the freezer for about an hour – that should do the trick.

We chose a star mold so that we would have a lot of points! Let the coloring begin now that you have new crayons.  These also make great gifts that kids can make for kids, yeah!

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2 Responses to Kids Craft Corner – How To Recycle Old Crayons and Make New Ones

  1. Candace Coffin says:

    Sending this to all the youth staff at work. What a great way to recycle crayons. And the stars are so pretty. : )

  2. mardi says:

    love this!

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