The Church Bazaar – Good Finds, Everywhere

Each year the church around the corner from us has their Bazaar.  We do not attend this church, but Stella’s friend Mateo’s family does, so we do have a connection there.  This is something that both Stella and I look forward to each year – Stella because of the toys and books and me, because of everything.  So on Saturday, after soccer practice, we stopped at the bazaar and ended up being there for about 2 hours.  Part of the reason we are there so long was the catching up with friends that we have not scene in awhile, kids from earlier classes of Stella, etc.  It is a great way to catch up with many in a relatively short time.

Of course the first stop was the kids area!  Stella brought her allowance money and was very careful with how she spent it, at least the first time she was there.  She saw some Pokeman cards and made a bee line to them, but another older kid was going through them and was going to buy them all, but he was so nice and he went through several stacks and gave many to Stella.  I found a great basket with a liner that will be perfect to keep my knitting projects in.  Next it was inside and to the Christmas room, the finer items and the White Elephant section, one of my favorites and this year it definitely did not disappoint!   I found a pair of pewter candle sticks, a handmade, ceramic candle stick and a handmade bag that I think is from South America – I love it!  And the basket I bought fit everything inside!


All this for $4!!!!



They also have a silent auction and Stella found a Madame Alexander doll that she wanted, the starting bid was $10 – so she put her name down.  Trying to explain to her how a silent auction works was not so easy and I am not sure she ever completely understood the concept. We were then joined by Mateo and his Papa.  Mateo showed me the items that he had bid on, one of them was for me.  The kids were off and headed back to the kids area and I was able to visit with some adults.

I headed down to the clothing area in search of wool sweaters.  I found 7 great wool sweaters along with a great corduroy skirt.  Now, I could not wait to get home and start the project that I needed the wool sweaters for – stay tuned – the project will be in a future post!


$1 per item – a great bargain for $8!



I headed home and Stella stayed with Mateo, visiting with friends and looking for more treasures.  The silent auction was over at 3:30, so at 3pm I headed back over with Stella and Mateo – so they could check their items and see if they needed to make another bid.  Someone had bid on the Madame Alexander doll for $15, so Stella thought she need to double that bid – so of course she bid $30 – told you I did not think she understood the concept!  I crossed her bid off and put another bid for $16.  Both Mateo and Stella watched their items, ok they hovered over the bid cards, hoping that no one would make another bid and they would win.  The count down started, 2 minutes, 1 minute, 30 seconds, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, Closed!  They were both ecstatic – they had won their items – I was very grateful that they decided to call the kids first to get their items and pay!


My gift from Mateo, a frog that holds business cards – I love it!  You can’t tell very well by the picture, but the frog is orange.  Very thoughtful of Mateo!













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  1. virginia says:

    sounded like a great day. thanks for sharing it with us!

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