Knit A Wave Washcloth

I love my old standard washcloth pattern, but when I come across another one that looks interesting I usually give it a try.  This one came on the inside of the wrap for Sugar & Spice cotton yarn.  I looked for the pattern on line to show what the original pattern was, but could not find it nor could I find the wrapper where I first saw it.  The pattern was a huge washcloth – more like a face towel – so I sized it down.  I do like this one, but I still like the old stand by pattern better.

Wave Washcloth

washcloth done

Size 8 needles
1 skein cotton yarn (you will not use the whole skein)

1. Cast on 57 stitches

2. K2, yo (yarn over), K4, (K2tog), twice, K4, yo, K1, yo, K4, (K2tog) twice, K4, yo, K4, yo, K4, (K2tog) twice, K4, yo, K2

3. K2, purl to last 2 stitches, K2

4. Knit across

5. Repeat rows 2- 4 until you get to your desired length.  My washcloth measures:

washcloth pattern

6. When you have reached your desired measurement, bind off and weave in all ends.

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  1. virginia says:

    glad your blogging again. I missed them !

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