Toilet Bowl Bombs

What?  Toilet bowl bombs…  I came across a recipe for toilet bowl bombs and just the title intrigued me.  These are cleaners for your toilet.  I wanted to see how well they worked – so I did not clean the toilet for several weeks.  I know gross, but I really wanted to test them.  Since we also have clay in our water – the toilet bowl tends to get a orangy red tinge to it.

I threw one of these in the toilet and watched the bubbles go.  I could see some of the clay deposit starting to lift – so I decided to leave it over night.  The next morning I just had to take the toilet bowl brush and do a little swirl around the bowl and it was clean and boy did it smell fresh.

The original post of this was for a larger quantity, but since I only had 1 mold to use I cut the recipe in half.  I think I need to get another mold and make the full batch next time – I LOVE these!

Toilet Bowl Bombs (see original post here)

Toilet bomb stars

Ingredients (half recipe)

Toilet bomb ingredients1/2 cup + 2 Tbl + 1 1/2 tsp baking soda
1/4 citric acid (which I get at a local store here)
20 drops Lavender essential oil
20 drops Lemon essential oil
20 Peppermint essential oil


You will need to have a silicone mold or two.

Note: Wear a mask when mixing the ingredients. I used a bandana.

1. In a glass bowl, mix citric acid and baking soda. Always put medical mask first and then mix together the soda and acid.

Toilet bomb dry

2. Put essential oils in a spray bottle (because the quantity was so little – I just put a few drops in at a time and mixed) and spray little by little stirring the mixture at the same time in order to not let it fizz away. If the mixture isn’t damp enough I add just A TINY BIT of water in my spray bottle and spray the mixture – but again, be careful too much moisture will make the citric acid fizz and then when you go to use the bombs they will not explode. (I think I could have done not so much moisture – will keep it drier next time.)

Toilet bomb mixed

3. Put the mixture into silicone molds and let them dry for about 6 hours. Store the bombs in a container with a lid.

Toilet bomb in moldToilet bomb pressed in mold

To Use:

Drop the bomb into the toilet and watch it fizz.  I had to just do a wipe with the toilet brush and it was very clean.  The smell was refreshing and it kept that clean smell for many days!

Toilet bomb toiletToilet bomb bubblesToilet bomb clean

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  1. Jo says:

    That’s unbelievable…..amazing!

  2. Evern says:

    Pamela so super excited to try this. Looks amazing and easy too!

    • simply0637 says:

      So easy. You can store them in a glass mason jar or a large yogurt container. You can pick up the mold at a craft store.

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