Knitted Treasure Purse

It has rained a lot here and when I can’t be out on the land I need to keep myself busy.  I was looking for a quick project that was also easy and I found one on the Red Heart website – a simple knitted change purse.  I think if I added up the time, this probably took 2 – 3 evenings (if that) – I would pick it up when I was sitting and listening to music, watching a movie with Stella or just watching the rain fall.  As soon as I finished it and showed it to Stella she asked if I would make her one – I handed her this one and she was so happy!  She also asked me why I do not sell some of the things that I make, working on that one (fall/winter project) – but I do think I will make several more of these for some Christmas presents.

Knitted Treasure Purse

T purse done

Items Needed

Yarn (any that has the gauge of 19 stitches = 5″, 20 rows = 4″ in stockinette)
Size 8 straight needles
Stitch markers (or I used small rubber bands)
Darning Needle

Stockinette Stitch
Row 1: (right side): Knit
Row 2: Purl


Cast on 19 stitches

Row 1 & 2: knit

T purse start

Following rows work in stockinette stitch until piece measure 8″.

T purse length to fold

End with a right side row, place marker at each end of the last row worked.

T purse markers


Work in stockinette stitch for another 1 1/2″, ending with a right side.

Next row: (wrong side) knit

Next (buttonhole) row: K7, K2Tog (knit 2 together), yarn over twice, K2Tog, K8 (19 stitches)

T purse button hole

Next row: Knit to yarn overs, knit first yarn over through the front loop and second yarn over through the back loop, knit to end

Next row: knit

Bind off knitwise

T purse full length


1. Fold piece with right sides together and cast on edge even with the markers.

2. Sew side seams up to markers, leaving the flap free.  Remove the markers – I cut my rubber bands and pulled them out.

T purse sewing sides

3. Turn right side out.

4. Line up button to hole and sew the button on.

T purse sewing buttonT purse button on

5. Weave in any ends.

Now you can tuck your treasures inside!

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2 Responses to Knitted Treasure Purse

  1. Candace says:

    Very cute purse and it made me smile that you gave it to Stella. She’ll be the envy of all the girls!! : )

  2. Jo says:

    Love it. I think Stella is right…you should sell these and have some fun buttons…love the little vintage one on Stella’s purse.

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