Kids Craft Corner – Stained Glass Ornaments

It is almost Christmas and many are decorating their tree and making their homes festive.  This week the kids and our exchange student made “stained” glass ornaments.  We are very fortunate that for the next couple of months we have an exchange student staying with us – Masano, from Japan.  In our town there is an International High School and College – bringing students from all over the world to our town.  This past summer we had a student from Slovakia and now Japan – a great experience for both Stella and me.  This was a great project and really fun to do with Masano.

“Stained” Glass Ornaments

Items Needed

Glass ornaments
Tissue paper (an assortment of colors)
Paint brushes
Decoupage glue

1. Cover you work area with newspaper and get all your supplies out.

2. Tear small pieces of tissue paper and taking one piece, paint glue onto the back of the tissue paper – place on the ornament – paint glue over the tissue paper.

3. Continue step 2 until you have covered your entire ornament – overlapping the paper.

4. Allow to dry completely and then hang on your tree, in front of a window or a place where the light will shine through.

This was a very fast and easy project!  They make great gifts – I think I bought a half dozen of glass ornament for under $5. And it is very fun – I loved listening to the laughter and conversation between the girls as I was in the kitchen making dinner!

When you have the light shine through the ornament it looks like stained glass.

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  1. Candace Coffin says:

    Easy for kids to do!! Lots of possibilities here. Great that you have an exchange student. : )

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