Knitted E-Reader Cozy Cover

I knew that Stella was getting a Kindle for her birthday.  Stella is an avid reader and reads daily at school, with me and before bed – so she really wanted one.  For her birthday and Christmas I like to make her one present – this birthday it was a knitted e-reader cover.  I found one that had a cable in it – and I have never knitted anything with cables.  I took a class to learn how to knit cables – they really intimidate me and I am not sure why.  I took the class several years ago and still would  not choose a pattern if it had cables.  This pattern – I fell in love with –  so I had to get over my fear.

I started this pattern and about half way through had a panic moment!  The new Kindle fire is bigger than the old kindle – yup, I had to start over.  I think with the partial cover already made it is going to turn into a purse for a Christmas present for one of my nieces.  So I started over, using another yarn and away I went.  I finished it at midnight the night before Stella’s birthday – well not really – I still needed to crochet the loop for the closure.  I don’t know how to crochet –  I have a DVD and have spent a lot of time with a friend who crochets and for some reason I cannot pick it up.  My crochet friend had to come over to make the loop for me and of course I watched, again!!

E-Reader Knitted Cozy Cover

Size 7 pointed needles
US G crochet hook
1 skein of yarn
Darning Needle

Gauge: 25 stitches = 4″, 26 rows = 4″ in Cable Stitch

Cover measurement: 6″ wide x 17″ long, before sewing up sides, sewn 6″wide x 8 1/2″ long

M1 = make 1, increase: Lift strand between needles to left-hand needle and knit strand through the back loop, twisting the stitch to prevent a hole in the fabric.

Cable: Uses 4 stitches, slip next 2 stitches onto cable needle and hold in front of work, K2 from the left needle and then K2 from the cable needle.

Slip 2 stitches on to cable needle

Knit stitches on left needle

Knit stitches on cable needle

Cover Body

Cast on 32 stitches

Row 1: Knit across
Row 2: (Right side): Knit across
Row 3: (Increase row): K2, (M1, K5) across: 38 stitches
Row 4: K1, (P1, K4) across to last 2 stitches, K1, P1
Row 5: P1, (K1, P4) across to last 2 stitches, K1, P1
Row 6: K1 (P1, work cable) across to last 2 stitches, P1, K1
Row 7: P1, (K1, P4) across to last 2 stitches, K1, P1

Repeat rows 4 – 7 for pattern until Body measures approximately 13.5″, ending by working a right side.



Flap divider

Row 1: Knit across
Row 2: (Right side) K1, (P1, K4) across to last 2 stitches, K1, P1
Row 3: P1, (K1, P4) across to last 2 stitches, K1, P1
Row 4: K1 (P1, work cable) across to last 2 stitches, P1, K1
Row 5: P1, (K1, P4) across to last 2 stitches, K1, P1
Rows 6 – 21: Repeat Rows 2 – 5, 4 times
Row 22: (Decrease row) K4, (K2, K2 tog) across to last 2 stitches, K2: 30 stitches
Row 23 & 24: Knit across
Row 25: Bind off 14 stitches, slip stitch from right needle onto crochet hook, Ch8 (toggle loop made), slip stitch from crochet hook onto right needle, bind off remaining stitches in knit.


Thread a darning needle and with right sides together sew side seams.  Turn the cover right side out, fold over flap and sew button on.

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3 Responses to Knitted E-Reader Cozy Cover

  1. Candace Coffin says:

    LOVE the pattern, and it would make a nice purse too!! Great gift. Glad Stella is such a reader!! Did she love the kindle and cover??? : )

  2. Deborah says:

    This looks great but why ever would you choose purple for Stella – ;)! I love mine and like that it stretches to hold my light and stylus.

  3. Jo says:

    It looks great and I am sure Stella loved her special color!!!

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