My Love Muffin Turns 9!!

It has been a weekend of celebrating.  On the first day of November I was standing in the bathroom and Stella walked in – she said do you know that today is November 1st?  I said yes I did.  She then went on to tell me that in 11 days it would be her birthday – like I would forget!  So as the countdown has continued – I have been reminded daily and have been the receiver of all types of comments on getting older.  I told her that I could not believe that my baby was growing up and that she needed to stop because it just made me older – I was told that I should still be happy because she was still in the single digit birthdays.  As I was on an important phone call, Stella was trying to kiss and hug me and I had to tell her to stop.  After getting off the phone and explaining to her that I love her hugs and kisses, but that they are too distracting while I am on a call – I was then told that I should take them while I was getting them because soon she would not want to kiss or hug her mom!!

Stella wanted this birthday to be extra special since it may be the last one in this house.  We decided on putting together a special day in the city with her BFFE (best friend for eternity).  So that is what we did, but then about 2 weeks ago she said if this is going to be my last birthday in this house  – I think I want to have a party with all of my friends.  I just looked at her with a blank face – what?!  Our home is quite small and to have a party here is not something that I looked forward to or wanted.  I suggested a bowling party, but then Sandy hit and I totally forgot to call the bowling alley and see if there was room, so I reluctantly agreed to have a small party at the house.  She decided on 5 friends and that it would be a pizza, cake and movie party.  She wanted to order the pizza and for me to make a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and then she would decided on the movie.  That seemed pretty good.  Then on Friday she changed her mind – could I make the pizza and then could we go to Main Street Sweets for ice cream (our local homemade ice cream store).  So Saturday morning at 6:30am I was off to the store for cheese and pepperoni.  The party started at 5pm and at 4:30 I got started on the pizza.

The first birthday party was a hit.  Ended up with 7 kids total.  They played man hunt both inside and outside, had pizza, watched a movie, took a break for presents, watched the movie, took a break to walk down the street for ice cream, home again for another game of man hunt (like hide and seek but with teams), finish the movie and then a game of Headbands.  It was so crazy that I forgot to take any photos – thought about it several times, but never did – bad mom!

Sunday it was off for a fun filled day in NYC.  We took the 9:50 am train into the city and then 2 subways to get to our first stop – The Museum of Natural History.  I love this museum and we have had a family membership there for several years.  We walked around and looked at the North American animals and then to IMAX theater to see a movie about flying dinosaurs.  There is never enough time for that museum.  Spent some time in the gift shop.

We went to Whole Foods for lunch – a little bit of everything for everyone – we all had our choice of lunch.  A healthy lunch was needed since our afternoon activity was going to be filled with sugar!  On our way to catch the subway to Union Square – we stopped to watch some street performers.


Start of tour

The highlight of the day and the birthday celebratory activity was a 2 hour Cupcake Walking Tour!!  We went to about 6 different bakeries and had samples at all of them.  Most of the samples were 2 bite cupcakes which was more than enough.  It wasn’t all cupcakes, we had some gelato and a cookie.  The gelato was wonderful – they use organic ingredients with no preservatives or additives.  The last stop was at The Magnolia Bakery for their famous red velvet cupcakes – these were full size and were boxed up and taken back home with us – we were cupcaked and sugared out!  We walked a lot and then on our way back to the train the girls wanted to stop and play at the playground – no problem there.

Enjoying a custom made cupcake

Largest cupcake chain

Walked Thru Washington Square Park

Today, being her real birthday will start with breakfast in bed, a pedicure and who knows what else.  And of course, cupcake making for her party at school – chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing!

I really can’t believe that she is 9!!  It seems that yesterday she was just learning to crawl and talk and today she is talking a mile a minute and running here and there.  I will treasure it all because before I know it she will be going off to college!!!

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3 Responses to My Love Muffin Turns 9!!

  1. Candace Coffin says:

    Great NYC photos and what a wonderful birthday weekend. You are mom SUPREME!

  2. Bronwyn Nielsen says:

    Happy Birthday Stella. Wow, 9 already!! How quickly time flies. Sounded like the Perfect Party – a little bit of everything with lots of smiles and laughter and most importantly much Love. Xx

  3. virginia says:

    Pamela – Just catching up on my e-mails. Wow! Stella had a great B-Day. Yes it all goes way to fast !

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