Make An Autumn Wreath

As I walked in the house this week, I noticed how bare our front door looked.  Our last wreath was spring time and then we had our flag on our door and now nothing.  We took the flag down when we hung up the ghosts – but it needed something.  I didn’t want to make one that was specific to Halloween since I wanted it to last until after Thanksgiving, when we will then put up our holiday one – so what to make.  I do have another one that I want to make, but not sure if we will get to that one this year – hoping we will – so cool.  I decided on something simple and vibrant – a ribbon wreath!

Autumn Wreath

Items Needed

Wire wreath (I used the smaller size)
Fall colored wire ribbon (about 5 – 6 spools, each spool I used was 10ft)
Twine for hanging

1. Cut your ribbon in lengths of 20″ – 22″.

2. Thread your ribbon into the wire wreath.  Make two loops, tie a bow.  Pull the bow to even out and make “pretty”.

3. Repeat step 2 until the wreath is full of bows.

4. Take a piece of twine or ribbon and tie onto back of wreath – making a loop for hanging.

Hang on your door!

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2 Responses to Make An Autumn Wreath

  1. Candace says:

    Very beautiful! And so easy. Thanks!!

  2. Jo says:

    I LOVE it… is beautiful.

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