Good Food, Good Friends, Great Evening!

One of my all time favorite things to do is to cook a great meal and share it with friends.  This just brings me so much pleasure.  I have enjoyed this since I was out on my own – just something about sharing  a meal.  I think my love of it came from holiday gatherings – my mom comes from a very large family (9 children) and my grandparents lived down the road from us.  I remember the holidays were filled with food, music, conversation, fun and walks.  Meals would go on for a long time and the kids table was so much fun – being with cousins and sharing things that were funny to us!!

Back in my twenties I shared a house with my significant other and when the Grateful Dead announced the dates that they were going to be in our town – the phone started ringing. Our friends wanted whatever space they could get in our house and I was told it was because I always took care of them with great meals and snacks.  Nothing much has changed since then – well ok – the Grateful Dead as they were then are no longer touring – people still come to the house and can’t wait to see what goodies I have made for them to try or what menu I have put together for our meal together.

This past weekend some dear friends came from the city to have dinner with us.  I was good about taking pictures while preparing, but once the visiting started – I sort of forgot about the camera – which really is a good thing!  We have been under some pretty stifling heat – so dinner was made on the grill and enjoyed outside.  The meal was nothing elaborate, but totally fabulous since it was shared by others, involved the sharing between friends and many smiles and laughs – we also were fortunate to enjoy some entertainment by none other than Stella!

Our Menu

Salad – lettuce from the farmer’s market, carrots, celery, lentil sprouts, hard boiled eggs and a drizzle of olive oil with some Portuguese sea salt.


Squash – yellow made with butter and a mix of seasonings, zucchini with coconut oil and thyme


Cod following the mac and cheese recipe.  I place the fish in tin foil with some lemon and closed it up – cooked for about 4 minutes – opened add the sauce and cooked, open, for about another 4 minutes.

Corn – purchased at the farmer’s market.  Usually I husk and wrap in tin foil with butter, salt and pepper.  This time I decided to try a new way.  I peeled down the husk (don’t take off) and took out the silk, then pulled the husk back up and soaked in cold water for about 15 minutes.  I placed it on the grill and cooked, turning, for about 15 minutes – the husk burned some, but not like I have had it at my neighbors.





To add to the meal – we had some fresh blueberries, sourdough bread (farmer’s market) with butter and/or homemade jam and then finishing up the meal with some homemade blueberry/banana cacao muffins (recipe coming soon) and fruit leather.  And to complete the meal – some good wine!

A wonderful evening!

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2 Responses to Good Food, Good Friends, Great Evening!

  1. Candace says:

    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!

  2. Jo says:

    Looks delicious and creating memories for Stella!

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