Old Curtain, New Bag

When we had our yard sale back in May – there were a couple of items that did not sell that I kept for future projects – a set of lace curtains was one.  I had seen in a magazine a carry-all bag that had been made from some old lace and thought that would be perfect using the curtain.  I get such a kick out of making something new from something old – for some reason makes me think of my grandma, not that I really have any memories of her doing that, but when I do it I think of her.

Lace Curtain Carry All Bag

Items Needed


Old lace curtain or lace piece
Sewing machine
Matching thread


1. First cut the part of the curtain off that is used for the rod – this will become the handles.

2.  Cut the large seams from the side of the curtain, then fold the curtain in half and cut the fold – you will now have 2 pieces.

3. Lay your lace curtain on the table and determine the size of bag that you want.  I took another bag and laid it on top and used that for my template.

4. Draw the gusset, this will be used for the bottom of the bag.  From where I measured the other bag bottom on the lace curtain – I measured 2″ in and 2″ down from the side of the bag.  I then drew a line across from the side markings.  Cut along your lines. (yes I still have the side seams, but I did cut them after this step and then decided I should have done it sooner)

Sewing bottom

Sewing side seam


5. With right sides together sew down each side of the bag and then the bottom of the bag.  DO NOT sew the 2″ x 2″ cut – leave open.



6. You now have the side and bottom seams sewed.  I hope I explain this correctly. Take the gusset opening and line up the 2 seams, pin and sew across the opening.






7. Turn the bag right side out – put to the side.

8. Taking the piece that you cut from the curtain that holds the rod, trim to about 24″ in length.  Cut the strip in half, length wise.  Top stitch both sides of each handle.






9. Sew the handles onto the bag, making sure not to twist.  I measured 3″ in from each side seam for the handles.


You now have a pretty, reusable bag to bring on your errands!

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  1. Candace says:

    Very attractive bag!!

  2. Jo says:

    That is so pretty.

  3. virginia says:

    DITTO !

  4. Mardi says:

    Yes…. SOOOO pretty.

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