Kids Craft Corner – Father’s Day iPod Cover

We spent Sunday in between chores and soccer making an iPod case for Father’s Day.  Our neighbor came over and he wanted to make all sorts of crafts.  It was fun watching Stella show him how to make the book marks that we made last week.  I searched and searched for a good Father’s Day craft idea for the kids to make and most of them were for younger kids.  If I had been thinking about Father’s day I probably could have come up with a good craft, but I am not sure where the week went and my brain had no room for thinking in that capacity.  I came across this pattern, printed it off and sat down to try and figure it out from the directions – not so easy.  I then finally figured it out – I am a visual person and there was only one picture – and then made some changes.

Father’s Day iPod (MP3) Cover

Items Needed

Old pair of jeans
Fabric glue
Stick on velcro
A heavy book or 2
Cloth pins

1. Cut out the pocket from an old pair of jeans – you want the whole pocket – so cut around and leave the backing.


2. Trim around the outside seam of the pocket, making it look nice.



3. Cut a piece from the bottom of the leg, about 2 1/2″ wide and 4″ long. You want the bottom seam.  This is going to be your flap.

4. Turning your pocket over measure it and mark a line for the half way mark.  Our pocket were 5″ across so I drew a line at the 2 1/2″ mark so the kids had a marker for when they were folding.

5. Trim up your flap.  You will want to center it on the back of the pocket, making sure you have enough for the flap.  Using fabric glue the flap to the back of the pocket – making sure that the right side is facing up or at you.


6. Using fabric glue, place glue on the back of the pocket and then fold one side matching up with the center marker line, then do the same for the other side.  You can either place under a book to hold down while drying or clamp with cloth pins.





7. Cut a small piece of the self stick velcro and place where you want the closure to be.

8.Once the glue is dry you can decorate.  The kids decided to use some of the self stick gems and then using fabric glue glued on glass pieces.

Because the flap is not too snug over the top, there is room for the head phone wire.  Happy Father’s day.

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  1. Candace says:

    These are cool. Looks like the kids were really into it!

  2. Jo says:

    Very cool…..

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