How To Make A Swim Bag

Well it is that time of year again – going to the beach, pool and lake.  If you have kids, one of the dreaded parts is carrying all the items; towels, sunscreen, hats, water bottles, goggles, etc, etc, etc!  Why not make a cool swim bag and have the kids start carrying their own stuff!  I also had a young adult birthday and wanted to try making this for them.

I found the original idea for the bag on The Idea Room , but I made some changes to the pattern.

Swim Bag

Items Needed

Beach towels, if you want to include a matching towel, than 2
Sewing machine

1. I first measured and drew my pattern onto newspaper – I had to tape to sheets together.  I figured this was easier than trying to measure and figure it out on the towel.  FYI – you can just, barely, make two bags out of one 30 x 60 size towel.

2. Place pattern on towel and cut out.  Save the big, cut pieces of towel.

3. Decide what side of the towel is going to be the ride side and mark with a pin.

4. Taking the scrap towel material, cut two pockets – I wanted to make sure that they would fit goggles and sunscreen.

5. Hem the top of the pocket.  I highly suggest that you roll the fabric over twice, so the raw edge is not showing.  My towel seemed to keep fraying.

6. Pin and sew the pockets onto the inside of each side of the bag, again folding the edges twice.

7. Sew or stick velcro on the pocket top – want to make sure that the items stay inside!

8. Matching right sides together, pin the bag.  You will only being sewing the seam of the outside of the bag.  Seam should be about 1/4″ – I did not double fold the seam – and it is raveling – so I just trimmed the threads.

9. Turn the bag right side out and sew the inside seam.  For this seam I did double fold the edge and then sew.

10.  Place the right sides of the handles together and sew the seam.

11. Trim any loose threads.

12. Sew or stick velcro on the inside top of the bag.

Ready for the water!

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3 Responses to How To Make A Swim Bag

  1. Candace says:

    That is excellent!! Stella looks so cute. Good idea and kid’s love to have their “own” bag. : )

  2. Jo says:

    She certainly looks already to go. Can’t wait to see you’ll next week! The bag is fab

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