Kids Craft Corner – Creating Ella & Rachel

During our trip to New Orleans, Stella spent a lot of time creating and making projects with Lorrie.  I mentioned before, I think, that Lorrie is a big time yard saler and the things that she finds are amazing!  One of her great finds was a box of Melvin dolls.  These were dolls used in the 1960’s to teach kids body parts – all I have to say is I want a box of Melvin dolls!!!  Lorrie gave me a couple so that I can create my own.

Melvin Doll Creations

Items Needed


Melvin dolls or dolls made from cardboard (see Melvin picture)
Markers, fabric, paper scraps, yarn


1. Take the Melvin doll apart.

2. Color, paint, glue fabric or paper onto the different body parts.





3. Add some hair with yarn.

4. Put your Melvin doll back together.

Go and play with your moveable, paper doll!!

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2 Responses to Kids Craft Corner – Creating Ella & Rachel

  1. Jo says:

    Pretty darn cute… never cease to amaze me!

    • simply0637 says:

      That was all Stella – she is getting pretty creative and crafty – wonder where she gets that from?!

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